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Where are your shipping locations?

As we have numerous vendors around North America, we ship from multiple, North American locations. Depending on the preference of the Buyer, we choose the vendor that provides the cheapest part and/or fastest delivery time.

Do you guys ship to outside of North America?

Yes, we can ship our parts to anywhere in the world. The Buyer is responsible for paying for freight and any additional export charges.

How quickly can I receive the parts? What if I need to have the parts tomorrow?

1-day delivery is possible via air shipping with additional costs.


What credit cards does Solid Lift Parts accept?

We accept all major credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DISCOVER.

Do you carry parts electric pallet jacks?

Yes, we do carry parts for electric pallet jacks. Contact us for pricing.

Do you sell new / used pallet jacks?

Although we are not always stocked with pallet jacks, we do get them on occasions. Contact us to check availability and pricing.

I need parts for my forklift mast. What do you need to find me the part?

We require a mast number which is typically stamped on the side of the mast.

How do I find the model and serial number of my forklift?

The numbers are typically found on the plate, located on the right side of the forklift console, along with the information regarding the forklift’s weight capacity.

I cannot read ( / cannot find) the model and serial number. Can you still find my part?

Yes, provided that you have a part number or if you are seeking for parts associated with the engine with your engine part number handy.