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Here at Solid Lift Parts we stay true to our meaning - Dependable and Reliable. We are able to achieve this by alwaysproviding quality products with quality service.We distribute an extensive selection of OEM and aftermarket boom lift, telehandler and scissor lift parts for major aerial lift brands such as Snorkel, Skyjack, Terex, Genie, Upright and JLG. In addition to our affordable prices, our parts are shipped from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest and most efficient shipping.




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Aerial Lift

Aerial Lift, also known as AerialWork Platform(AWP), is a machine that allows people or equipment to reach elevated or inaccessible areas, generally used in construction works. Aerial lifts that are available in the market today are produced by world leading industrial machine brands such as Terex, JLG, Genie, Upright, Skyjack and Snorkel. Due to its ability to extend reach to elevated areas, aerial lifts are also often used by firefighters for emergency access. Additionally, aerial lifts are designed to lift heavy objects limited to less than 1 ton, though in some cases they can lift more.

Aerial lifts at one point were only operated with the use of fluid hydraulics with gas or diesel engines. Recently, lighter electric machines are starting to gain its place in the market. These units are commonly used in light-duty applications such as maintenance and cleaning and indoor operations where using heavier hydraulicsto operate is not possible.

Types of Aerial Lifts


Boom Lifts

Boom lifts (also called cherry pickers) are commonly attached to the rear-end of a truck and can sometimes be mounted on a flat pick up or a van as well as a single assembly with built-in moving platform. A bucket is usually in the tip of the hydraulic boom arms where a person can stand and work from and control the movement and position of the hydraulic arms.

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lifts are machines that have platforms, which moves vertically. This movement is achived by folding a criss-cross support system called a pantograph system. By applying pressure to the outside of the bottom set of supports extending the criss-cross support system, the platform is moved upwards. Some assemblies also employ a “bridge extending system” in order to extend the work area. The downward movement of the scissor lift can either be mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. Depending on the system configuration, downward descent may not require any power but rather a calculated release of hydraulic or air pressure.


Telehandlers are commonly used in construction and agriculture industry. These machines are similar to forklifts but with more versatility and functions. Telehandlers are equipped with hydraulic powered telescopic boom that extends forward and upward. The tip of the boom can fit different attahcments suck as forks, winch and buckets.With agriculture and construction industry, pallet forks are the most common attachments. This is used to transfer loads from one place to another.

Solid Lift Parts Inc. provides parts for all major brands and models of aerial lifts. If you are looking for a part, contact your parts specialist today to find you one for your exact aerial lift. We are proud to get you the part at affordable prices and FAST shipping from warehouses near you. Call us today!