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Remanufactured/Rebuilt Forklift Hydraulic Valve

We distribute an extensive selection of Remanufactured/Rebuilt Forklift Hydraulic Valve assemblies all makes and models.
We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Hydraulic Valve

Brand new, OEM hydraulic valves deliver superb performance and reliability. But, brand new replacements are expensive, especially on an older model of forklift. Remanufactured or Rebuilt Hydraulic Valves can provide the same performance for inexpensive prices.


Hydraulic valves work to facilitate the flow of liquid (the hydraulic fluid or oil) from the input port to output port. The direction of the flow is defined by the position of the spool. While remanufactured and rebuilt hydraulic valves features the same subsystems. The only difference is that the damaged valves are rechecked, reconditioned and rebuilt to be reused once again.


Ensuring good quality and functional remanufactured or rebuilt hydraulic valves is extremely important. Many companies that sell remanufactured or rebuilt parts have rigorous quality procedures and control. The common practice is to start with the core. Only the best cores are used. Once a core is selected, then the entire assembly is dismantled so that only the small parts remain. Afterwards, all salvageable components are cleaned thoroughly and oiled, as required. The team will then recheck these parts for potential heat stress, damage or wear. From here, the parts that can still be used will be machined according to OEM specifications.  If there are parts or components that cannot be reconditioned, then those unacceptable components will be replaced. Once the assembly is put together again, they are tested to ensure quality. Conclusively, remade parts delivers the same functions at the same qualities of brand new, OEM parts.


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