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Nissan Forklift Truck

We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT parts for all models.

We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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Nissan Forklift Parts

Searching for and buying genuine parts for your forklift trucks is both overwhelming and time consuming. Solid Lift Parts is committed to make your forklift parts buying experience as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. We offer a wide range of lift truck parts for various makes and models of forklifts at the most affordable prices. We at Solid Lift Parts take utmost care in updating out parts inventory on a daily basis, so our customers get to pick every single model of forklift parts they require. With our certified and thoroughly trained forklift parts experts, we take pride in offering you top quality brand new, used and rebuilt Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as aftermarket lift truck parts, helping you to maintain your costs down and your forklift fleets operating at peak performance.

Nissan Forklift History

It is a mark of a great brand to be able to deliver solutions to any market problem that satisfies the client’s standards, and it’s good to know that Nissan is a brand that does just that. With its state-of-the-art forklifts distributed all over the 75 countries all over the world, clients from Spain, USA, Sweden, Japan, and other places will definitely get the help they need from Nissan for their construction and transport needs.



Global Power Merged With Local Strength


Another notable element of Nissan’s strength in developing quality business solutions is the fact that it is able to tap into iconic ideas and solutions from the international market but still retain the strength of the local talents. This merge is what makes Nissan still an unrivaled company that doesn’t compromise quality but highly values flexible production arrangements that cater to various markets.



History of Success


The history of Nissan for delivering successful products today has spanned for over 50 years now, and up to this day, Nissan Forklift has been creating high performing handling equipment that meets international standards. Truly, Nissan doesn’t stop evolving over its long rich history of challenges and technological changes. And all these changes go with safety and stability in the hands of Nissan.


That said, what everyone should remember is that Nissan’s production facilities go through extensive research and durability check, so every part and parcel of the production process goes smoothly and ends with a fantastic finished product. Delivering such level of technical standard at the highest quality is what defines strongly the success of Nissan up to this day.


Nissan Forklifts are designed and manufactured by Nissan Forklift, a sub-company of the Nissan Group. Anchoring upon their rich experience in automobiles industry, Nissan Forklift as a company started in 1957and manufactured their first forklift truck in the Totsuka Plant. After 10 years, the company exported its first forklift trucks to Europe. This was the start of a profitable production of materials handling machines that served the needs of customers in Europe. The arrangement of producing forklift trucks for European market in its Totsuka Plant continued in the following few years and in 1959 the company started the production of Nissan forklift trucks on European soil. Year 1985 brought an important benchmark in company's growing profile with establishment of its Europe parts centre in Holland at Amsterdam. Three years later, Nissan industrial machinery division was established at Nissan Motor Iberica, SA in Pamplona, Spain.In 1994, the company formally opened the Nissan Forklift Espana SA as an independent company. Another independent company, Nissan Forklift Europe B.V,surfaced just a year after in 1995.


With growing international significance, Nissan headed for acquiring international certifications and in 1996, Nissan Forklift Espana S.A. bagged ISO-9000 certification for production and distribution of forklifts. Environmental friendlinessremain a vital character trait of any multinational organization involved in material handling equipment, Nissan acquired ISO-14001 standard for environmental management system of forklift productions in 1999. With the advent of new millennium, Nissan Forklift Espana S.A. had hit the benchmark of producing its 50,000th unit in 2001. Major investments were now being made in Espana production house of Nissan to cater for increased production capacity and 70,000th unit was brought to market by 2004. LX series launched in 2004 was followed by rear three wheel AC electric TX series and four wheel AC electric series BX was launched in year 2006. By 2007, the company celebrated its 50 anniversary of quality production and their outreach to the global customers around the world with 90,000 units on ground. In the subsequent years, Nissan Forklift launched GX and TX4 series of lift machines, followed by QX2 model. The latest introductionsin electric forklifts are ZX and RG series.



Nissan Forklift Product Range


Nissan took off from the experience of their tested automobiles, and applied it efficiently to the production of forklifts. The engine operated forklifts range from 1.5ton to 8 ton weight carriage capacity. DX series, the low weight carrier, smart and compact machine carries 1.5-3.2 tonnage and is available in both Diesel and LPG engines. The DX range is proud to be the lowest in emissions, thanks to its standard 3-way catalyst. Fuel consumption has been optimized with Nissan ECCS LPG engine and low noise levels due to floating cabin. Nissan is particularly proud of its Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) facility on board for detailed fault diagnostics. An electronic maintenance reminder never lets you miss the maintenance cycle; fingertip controls are a great option for easier and more manageable controls and Nissan's own risk reduction system assures the operator to perform without fear. Engine operated LX series carries 1.5 – 3.6 tons, offering a large variety of models to match the precise user needs. LX series forklifts enjoy high stability, very short turning radius and 3-way catalyst to reduce engine emissions besides making the operation less noisy. Digital maintenance diagnostics have been inbuilt with LX series for ease of timely maintenance. The LX35 model, besides all the traditional features, incorporates a Cat IIIA low exhaust diesel engine for optimum fuel utilization. GX and ZX series engine operated Nissan forklifts are known to be the masters of the tough job. The ZD30 diesel engine used in GX range of forklifts is a compliant of 2013 European stage 3B requirements, which makes it the most optimized diesel engine in whole range.


Electric forklift models come in TX3, TX4, BX and QX2 ranges with a variety of unparalleled features. They are capable of carrying loads ranging from 1.25 ton to 3 tons. The latest QX2 range is an AC powered 4 wheel 80V electrically operated lift machine. Having four performance modes and five regenerative modes with long battery hours, QX2 is a solution to many of the user needs when medium load carriage operations are involved. Nissan also offers warehousing machines to include reach trucks, order pickers, pallet transporters and pallet stackers in wide varieties.


Nissan's forklift production facilities are found in different locations globally to enhance the customers reach. As a global company, Nissan operates different production facilities in Spain, Sweden, Japan, Europe, and United States and their sales networks span more than 75 countries the world over. The European production hub is located in Pamplona, Spain known for its fleet of quality forklift trucks, validated by ISO 9001:2000 certification, ISO 14001 and Environmental Management Systems certificate. The warehouse equipment of Nissan is manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden and this facility also carries the ISO 9001:2000 and 14001: 1996 certifications.

Nissan Forklift Design Philosophy

The company goes by the belief of increasing their customer base by having the highest priority dedicated to customer satisfaction. Nissan forklifts at present, enjoy a formidable existence in the world with its manufacturing plants and numerous sales services spread over more than half of the world. Their customers over the years have valued the superiority of their products quality and imposed their trust in Nissan Forklifts.

Nissan Forklift Delivers Top Technologies

Nissan delivers better forklift trucks due to its number of leading technologies. One major advantage is the use of internal combustion engine (ICE). The engine comes in different forms such as fuel-based, LPG, and diesel models, which all of these are known for its reduced emissions. Most models offer the Powertrain Protection Systems that protect the engine and transmission. Nissan forklift models feature an LCD display that can inform the operator regarding some issues. Nissan forklift models also feature a technology that helps absorb vibrations. Operators are given three access areas in LCD, which includes the Operator Mode, Administrator and Diagnostic Mode.

Since 1957, Nissan Forklifts have displayed excellence in their designs and manufacturing. With these innovative technologies and user specific products, Nissan Forklift division now maintains a formidable global presence.


Nissan Forklift Parts

Efficient supply of Nissan forklift parts is extremely essential for the productivity and performance of the Nissan forklifts you use in your organization. Therefore, it is equally important that the company ascertains you obtain all the required parts on time and at any location, and this is what Nissan does at its best! The company's Parts Centers are located centrally in every region to guarantee prompt delivery of its parts to its entire network, making sure that customers receive the parts they need at the perfect time.

Nissan forklift parts include: forklift forks, mast bearings, mast rollers, condensers, voltage regulators, spark plugs, alarms and lights, starters, alternators, etc. When you are in need of any of these parts, your initial line of support will be from your nearby Nissan forklift dealer, offering genuine service to repair or enhance your forklift truck.
Nissan forklift dealers always use high quality genuine accessories and parts that abide by the best standards of performance, ascertaining that your forklift's safety and security never gets compromised. Emphasis on genuine parts is a must because these parts usually tend to last for longer durations than non-genuine parts, perform equally to the original, and usually carry a big warranty package that will protect your forklift's resale value and warranty.

The company also focuses on varied service packages to its customers by tailoring each package to meet the individual needs of their specific business requirements and hence offers local, fast maintenance and repair for Nissan forklifts, immediate availability of its parts, etc.



Full Range of Offers


What stands out from the products of Nissan is the diversified assets that it offers. Being the leading manufacturer means that Nissan has to offer a variety of vehicles for various industries. Whether it’s LPG and diesel forklifts and tonnes capacity of about 1.5-8.0 tonnes to higher, Nissan has an ultra-efficient, ultra-clean and a reduced-emission solution for that. This is the reason why Nissan creates Reach Trucks, Pallet Stackers, and Pallet Transporters. In order to offer a variety of solutions for any type of business ordeal, the extensive warehouse range of Nissan is geared towards always tailoring the optimum solution for any logistics issue that the client would need.


The kind of operational reliability that Nissan offers has been consistent all over, and this kind of commitment lends Nissan an even more trustworthy label that definitely commands respect. All these years Nissan has delivered such promise and even going beyond customers’ expectations in terms of delivering materials handling equipment.

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