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We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT LPG REGULATORS/VAPORIZERS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Nissan Forklift LPG Regulators/Vaporizers

People may already know that LPG means Liquid Petroleum Gas and can be called as GPL, LP Gas, propane or butane. In theory, an LPG is a mix of flammable mixtures of hydrocarbon gases that are typically used for heating appliances, cooking equipment and even vehicles, such as forklifts. In the practice of forklifts, one of the important elements that directly affect the use of LPG is the LPG regulator or vaporizer. Here’s everything you need to know about LPG regulators and vaporizers in forklifts today.


A pressure regulator is simply the valve that cuts off the flow of gas at a certain level of gas pressure. It is the main control valve that helps reduce the input of fluid pressure to the desired value in their output. Regulators are needed to make sure that the constant flow of gas to forklifts are reduced to safe pressures and to stabilize it for maximum performance. High-pressure gas machines like forklifts require so much power, and an LPG regulator or vaporizer is a necessity to keep the forklifts operate in the safest operable manner.


Further, LPG in forklift trucks is processed in a different manner, with a concentration of the LPG’s propane also changing in different weather. Propane in itself is already stored at a very high temperature, and so the use of an LPG regulator helps stabilize the running tasks of forklifts.


Secondly, people should also know that an LPG regulator has a restricting element, loading element and measuring element. All these elements help decrease or increase the flow of the demand for gas placed upon the regulator. These elements also maintain a constant output pressure, especially if there’s a shortage of gas in the root of the pressure system.


The restrictive element of an LPG provides a variable restriction to the pressure flow, while the loading element applies the needed force to the restricting element. The measuring element of the LPG regulator determines the proper inlet flow that has to match the outlet flow. As a whole, the elements make sure that the forklifts that run on LPG are never in a deficit of the needed LPG fuel.


We should add here that LPG regulators are also called LPG vaporizers. These vaporizers are the LPG equivalent of the functions that are being played by a carburetor found in gasoline engines. These vaporizers help keep an appropriate level of fuel into the forklift and make sure that all the safety precautions are met for the forklifts to run safely.


Gas-powered vehicles like forklifts rely on the performance of these LPG vaporizers. Without the use of these LPG regulators, the uncontrolled pressure may lead the engine of the forklift to massive failure and damage the forklift entirely. Forklifts run on liquid propane and because this results in increasing the forklift’s evaporation rate, the vaporizer has to be used to circulate the hot engine coolant all throughout the tubes of the vaporizer. This, in turn, boils the liquid to gas.


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