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TCM Forklift truck

We distribute an extensive selection of TCM FORKLIFT parts for all models.

We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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TCM Forklift Parts

Searching for and buying genuine parts for your forklift trucks is both overwhelming and time consuming. Solid Lift Parts is committed to make your forklift parts buying experience as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. We offer a wide range of lift truck parts for various makes and models of forklifts at the most affordable prices. We at Solid Lift Parts take utmost care in updating out parts inventory on a daily basis, so our customers get to pick every single model of forklift parts they require. With our certified and thoroughly trained forklift parts experts, we take pride in offering you top quality brand new, used and rebuilt Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as aftermarket lift truck parts, helping you to maintain your costs down and your forklift fleets operating at peak performance.

TCM Forklift History

TCM Forklift

UniCarriers' TCM Brand is known for its industrial pioneering and leadership in the logistics industry, since the year 1949. This was the year when TCM made their earliest Japan-produced forklift which gained an appreciable acceptance in the country. At present, the company is devoted to constructing integrated systems for logistics which are aiming at achieving top quality in comparison to other manufacturers around the globe. The company UniCarrier has a number of production plants that are operating in Sweden, Spain, United States and Japan. Moreover, the company has global marketing networks which cover Asia, Europe, North and South America.

The company has an outstanding image and reputation with its consumers when it comes to reliability and maneuverability. UniCarriersCompany focuses on delivering a range of logistic products instead of focusing on a single type. It dwells upon creating and designing fresh integrated logistics system that has an integrated outlook for the future. Moreover, UniCarriers is using various methods for the involvement of connecting logistics and information, in order to attain a more systematic flow in very procedure involved.

TCM Forklift is a brand of materials handling equipment that is managed by UniCarriers Corporation with their company headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. TCM brand is a new addition in the market but its parent company has been around for decades. The current UniCarriers Corporation traces its roots to the Toyo Carrier Manufacturing Co., which was founded by NoburaNiwa. Throughout the years, the company faced a number of changes, including the significant cooperation between Nissan Forklift Co. and TCM Corporation on April 1, 2013. This paved the way for the formal establishment of UniCarriers Corporation. Today, there are three major shareholders in the company. Innovation Network Corporation of Japan controls 53.3 percent of the company. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. controls 26.7 percent of the company and another 20 percent of the company is controlled by Nissan Motor Co.

TCM Brand History


The challenges that shape TCM to what it is right now would not have been possible without the complete history and determination of the people that are building the firm. Since being founded in 1949, TCM moved to expand in distributing its products in 1950 to reach overseas markets, and one sign that the company is already where it wanted was when it started to ship its first export truck to Taiwan.


In 1954 the company changed its name to Toyo Umpanki Co., Ltd. and since then it's never stopped to be one of the most respected international companies in the world. The forklifts then later have been transformed or merged into becoming the products being distributed by Mitsubishi Louis.


The TCM brand started in 1947 when Mr. NoburuNiwa started the Niwa Maintenance Operation Co. After two years of operations, the company changed its name to Toyo Carrier Manufacturing Co. It was the first company that designed and manufactured the first Japan-made forklift. In 1956, they also designed the 3000-lbs forklift, which was delivered to Antarctica to help in the observation activities. They were also involved in the production of construction equipment including wheel loaders, but it never lost sight of its objectives to offer the market with quality and reliable forklifts.

The company offers power, reliability and value when it comes to forklift trucks. However, in order to assess TCM forklift truck you can examine by asking the drivers and managers from the wide and comprehensive range. The company actively seeks reaction, comments and feedbacks from the valued consumers and customers worldwide in a drive to improve upon the productions and making them of a real worth for buyer's money. The company has a broad based network of sale outlets and dealers globally who are available at the nearest location that can be easily accessed. The R&D facility provided by the TCM is highly extensive towards helping and developing the best products, which leads to award winning and leading products, invigorated with latest innovations.

In 1993, TCM continued its expansion by creating the first forklift plant operated by a Japanese firm in China. The expansion was complemented with massive improvements in the company's production processes. By 1997, Shiga and Ryugasaki Plants were awarded ISO 9001 Certification. In 2005, the same plants received ISO 14001 Certification; the same year company officially assumed the name the TCM Corporation. Today, TCM production plants are scattered globally in different regions including Japan, United States, Spain and Sweden. All of their products, including the TCM forklifts, are known for their reliability and maneuverability. The Forklifts by TCM are created with an essence of making and keeping the promise. This promise has what it takes to get reliability, durability, outclass quality; cost is low when it comes to ownership, strength, performance, safety and power. The company image has been created on securing these promises and fulfilling top standards throughout the industry. These standards hold goodnot only to business managers and owners, but for all the other operators, amounting to thousands in numbers in the UK alone. Furthermore, TCM is the biggest driver and manufacturer in comparison to other market players around the globe, in addition to Japan, Europe and USA.

The latest collection of TCM forklift trucks are gasoline and diesel-powered materials handling equipment. The most basic gasoline and diesel-powered forklifts have capacities that range from 1.5 to 3.5 tons. Forklifts with high weight capacities of 37 to 43 ton are also available. Electric forklift trucks are available in different models like counterbalanced type, Reach type, ACROBA-? and reach type (sit-on).



TCM Offers Tough Forklifts for Heavy-Duty Applications


TCM has a diverse selection of forklifts to meet varieties of needs and applications. There are even high-capacity and larger TCM forklift trucks available that are easy to operate and maneuver regardless of their huge size. These machines are FD60 to FD230, known for state-of-the-art features and electronically-controlled diesel engines that comply with Tier 3/ Stage III A emission-control regulation. This heavy-duty series starts with a basic capacity of 13,000 lbs and can accommodate up to 51,000 lbs. The 3 important strands of effort are being used by UCA that focus mainly on the originality of the technology in order to make the high quality products by the company. Second strand being the Global energy, with which, the company tends to become the world's best known brand. Third and last is to have power of the human energy where everyone is duly rewarded for its work. The three strand strategy of the company is a promising commitment likely to harvest its benefits in due course of time. These strands are being considered as the pillars that can lead the company towards the attaining the leadership in outclass logistics system around the globe.


TCM Forklift Parts

The TCM brand designs and manufactures integrated, new logistics systems, progressing into the future. The process comprises of associating information and logistics in a variety of ways, in order to attain an organized flow of every single process. TCM in the US is being managed by UniCarriers Americas Corporation. The company's Parts Department works with the mission of maintaining full stocks of all the TCM forklift parts required by customers, enabling very less down time. The parts warehouse of the firm is loaded with more than 28,000 parts for different material handling equipments.
TCM is known to develop one of the best lift trucks in the material handling industry. And who better to make parts for the trucks this company manufactures?! The company builds and procures forklift parts, like ring gears, radiators, PCV valve, breathers, lift chain, brake lines, distributor caps, etc. that are of the highest possible standards for maintenance as well as production. The quality and fit of these parts are totally trustworthy because the company uses the same parts to build its trucks.

Forklift and forklift parts from the TCM brand are constantly designed and upgraded to surpass the usual market standards and to meet up with the changing needs and expectations of customers. The company also ensures that its customers always enjoy the benefits of excellent after sale service by well-experienced and highly competent service technicians. Periodic maintenance of your forklifts using TCM's immediate supply of genuine, OEM spare parts is sure to enhance the performance of your industrial equipments for many more years to come.



Powerful Machines


There’s plenty of selections that form the foundation of what TCM is best known for today. Some of these products include IC Engine Forklift Trucks, Large-size Forklift Trucks, Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks, Reach Trucks, Skid Steer Loaders and Pallet Stackers. These are essentially the products that make up the kind of innovation and technological advancement that solidify TCM’s corporate branding today.


Some of the powerful features customers can find from TCM forklifts include the feature of having a load capacity range of about  1.5 ton to 3.5 ton (Load center: 500mm). The power sources consist of gasoline models and diesel engine models, and such a variety makes it easy for customers to find the right answer that’s specific to the actual needs of the clients.



Genuine Parts


Another strength of TCM is that it can provide for quality options, alternatives, and replacements that are genuine and verified. Many companies attempt to label their parts with “Genuine Parts” label, but not many can validate their authenticity. TCM is different. It is a brand that believes in authenticity and in delivering genuine parts carefully checked and verified by UniCarriers Corporation. This gives legitimacy to their claims and makes sure that the forklifts or parts sold are all of high-performance and suitable to run in the most difficult working conditions.



Strong Sales Network


It bears repeating here, too, that another strength that pushes TCM to a higher level is the fact that it has built a network across various continents, including Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Such impressive network gives the company access to even more impressive talents, such as engineers, innovators, researchers and service engineers, that will lend the brand the technical experience and expertise that not many other brands can match. Knowledge is power, and TCM seems to have a better hold of what they need to gain significant market advantage.

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