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We distribute an extensive selection of WATER PUMP parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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A Forklift Water Pump transports water to the engine from the radiator to keep it cool. It is operated via the fan belt and is located behind it, near the front of the forklift. At its center, it has a hollow disk with piping that protrudes outwards in multiple outlets. One pipe is connected to the radiator and another is connected to the engine. Above the disc, there is an axle.


When the forklift engine operates, it runs the fan belt, which turns the axle in the core of the water pump. The turning of the axle creates a suction force, sucking the water from the radiator. The water flows to the exterior walls of the pump via centrifugal force. As the water drains on the outer wall of the pump, it is sent to the engine block. The drained water is then passed through the cylinder heads of the engine, which is then transferred back to the radiator to repeat the cycle.


Over extensive use and age, water pump can have numerous problems that can affect the capacity of the forklift engine. Continuous maintenance of the water pump is extremely crucial. Furthermore, it should continuously checked in case it does not function properly. The following are methods of checking the water pump:


  • Visible leaking indicates that the pump is going bad. When the forklift is parked and puddles of coolant are visible beneath the car (greenish appearance), it should be fixed or replaced.
  • When the forklift hood is open, with the engine running, listen for any noise that sounds like a whistling kettle.
  • If the water pump emits sulfurous odor or rotten eggs smell, the radiator coolant is turning into steam. Which means that the pump is not suctioning properly.
  • Observe the temperature gauges. If it indicates that the engine is hot and/or there is burning smell or smoke, the water pump is not functioning properly.
  • See if there are coolant puddles on the engine and inspect the water pump system for any damages.


Once determined that the water pump is having issues, replace it right away because a non-functioning one can cause much damage to the engine. Solid Lift Parts Inc. have water pump parts available for all makes and models of forklifts for inexpensive prices. Contact your parts specialist and get the part delivered to you from your nearest warehouse today!



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