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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT ATTACHMENT parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Attachment

Forklifts may seem like a simple, wheeled vehicle with a couple of forks at the front for lifting purposes. In fact, their use has evolved throughout the years. There are now multipurpose lift trucks with improved functionalities, other than solely lifting heavy loads on pallets. Add-on forklift attachments are installed for lifting drums, dumping garbage or even scooping snow off of the streets.These attachments are attached to the fork tine or in some cases, the mast of the lift. When properly attached, the control module of the lift is used to control these attachments.

Here are some of the most commonly known lift truck attachments in the industry today:

  • Drum Rotating Attachments - As the name implies, these forklift attachments are designed to lift huge drums and barrels off of the ground, stocking pallet, or shelf. Using these attachments is definitely safer for the merchandize or load as well as more effective for the lift operator.  
  • Forklift Extensions - These extensions allow the operator to lift and transport larger and longer loads. These attachments keep merchandize from getting damaged during transportation. They are made of heavy-duty steel for high strength. The extensions are prevented from sliding off the forks with the help of steel retraining straps. Different product models can be used with any thickness of the lift truck forks and are usually sold in pairs. 
  • Forklift Hoppers - Hoppers are front-end loader and dumper attachments that can be used in dumping or transporting smaller materials or merchandize. They are perfectly balanced machines which can roll forward upon loading, complete the dumping and return to upright positions for a reload. They are also utilized for handling liquids and leak proof hoppers are designed to prevent leaking. Their extended sides prevent sideways scattering of material and they are served with user friendly latching mechanisms. 
  • Forklift Mount Brooms - Adding a broom and sweeper attachment to the forklift makes cleaning the warehouse or pathways from unwanted elements a joy. Forklift brooms are a helpful aid for cleaning at low cost. Ideal for the working environments in warehouses, parking spots, ships, dockyards and many such places. They are capable of removing dirt, debris, gravel and heavy steel residue. They work virtually in almost all terrain and weather conditions. They are served with propylene brushes, which are detachable, hence can be easily replaced and maintained. These brooms come with different sizes and rows of brushes attached to them for specific workloads. Forklift mount brooms and sweepers come in many shapes and sizes, ranging roughly from 8-10 rows of 5 to 12 inch bristles attached to them. An add-on component can be a detachable magnetic sweep bar for picking up metal pieces of various sizes out of the garbage. 
  • Forklift Loading Platforms - The portable loading platforms are a safe and efficient means of loading and unloading cargo loads and equipment especially in the absence of a dock bay. These attachments are fully compatible, with good weight carrying capacities, yet so easy to install and operate. Various companies are manufacturing forklift loading platforms tailored to the user requirements. The forks of the forklift can be easily inserted into the pockets of a typical loading platform and the cargo is ready to be loaded. For added safety, the connection is secured with a restraining chain. 
  • Forklift Hook Attachment Double Fork - These are the attachments best for lifting free-form merchandize. These hoisting hooks are great piece of attachment capable of converting a forklift truck into a mobile lift crane in a matter of seconds. This overhead lifting hoist can lift as much as 10,000 lbs. They come included with swivel safety hooks with safety clips to tie and secure the load. The swivel hook is made up of all welded steel. Another unique product in the family of double fork hook attachment is an auto-tension hoisting hook, which adds tension as the weight is added. 
  • Forklift Truck Carriage Bumper - The major issue which usually surface when heavy but sensitive loads are required to be transported is the collision of weight with the walls of the forklift. These collisions can potentially damage the surface of the load and can render it unacceptable by the customer. To prevent any such occurrences, forklift carriage bumper is introduced. The forklift lift carriage bumper provides a cushioned protection to the load during all the phases of material handling; may it be loading transportation or unloading. The bumper offers excellent wear reduction and vibration prevention without compromising the load capacity of forklift. It usually consists of energy absorbing molded rubber, which is secured to a steel plate and is easily mounted on a class II forklift.   Numerous varieties of such bumpers exist suiting the specifications of the forklift. For a class II forklift, these bumpers usually weigh no more than 28 lbs. 
  • Forklift Rug Rams & Carpet Poles- Another useful attachment that facilitates the transportation of a new carpet or rug to your residence or place of duty, is known as Forklift Rug Ram and Carpet pole. Carpet poles easily handle rugs and carpets on their rug rams. These rug rams are made with heavy-duty steel poles 2-4 inch in diameter. They are rotation friendly and can assist in loading rugs or carpets no matter how the carpets or rugs are placed in a store. They feature both varieties; carriage mounted and Fork mounted. Carriage mounted carpet poles can be found in class II or class III mounts. The security of the loaded rug is ensured by using a spring-loaded locking pin. They usually offer a weight capacity ranging from 300 to 600 lbs and exist in various types and models. Few examples include Class-II and III carriage and forklift bumper, fork mount inverted and simple fork mounted.

Given the heavy duty use of each forklift attachment, it has become a necessity in every warehouse or industrial application.  With the right selection of attachments, it is now possible to add more functions to the forklifts and make it more productive during varieties of works.

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