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We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT GASKETS/GASKET SETS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Nissan Forklift Gaskets/Gasket Sets

People should understand that a forklift’s complete functioning would be impaired without a robust gasket set. Gasket sets or kits are the materials used to protect the various components of a forklift through sealing. The seals safely protect these components from leaks that could cause unwanted damages and corrosion to the components. Here’s what you need to know more about them.


A gasket is, in essence, a mechanical seal that fills up the space between joints or mating surfaces to prevent them from exposure to leaks while they’re under compression. Forklifts comprise a lot of components that could be exposed to such corrosive elements, so gaskets are a must. It must be added that these gaskets are commonly made from sheet materials, but may sometimes contain asbestos, especially in high-power vehicles like forklifts.


In addition, forklift operators should know that the best gaskets are those that are resilient and malleable. These are the best materials that can fill tightly space in between components. Some parts of a forklift may require the application of a sealant to the gasket surface to further strengthen the protection from leaks.


Some of the other materials that are commonly used for gaskets include a flat sheet of paper, silicone, rubber, metal, felt, cork, neoprene or fiberglass. That said, the most effective gasket for industrial applications are the gaskets that can withstand maximum compressive loads. These industrial gaskets have to be paired with bolts that can exert compression that goes as far into the 14 MPa (2000 psi) or higher. There’s even an adage in industrial operations that the more compressive load exerted on a gasket, the higher is its longevity.


Forklift specialists may like to know also that gaskets made of impregnable glass are still in consideration for forklift use. However, the glass seal gasket is one of today’s most flexible material for creating gaskets, but it’s still the head gasket that is the most important gasket used in forklift engines.


A head gasket is identified to be the kind of gasket that’s located between the engine block and cylinder heads(s) inside an internal combustion engine. Further, even if a head gasket might appear to be non-important, the absence of it or the breaking of such component in a forklift engine could cause serious damage to the forklift. A blown-off head gasket could call for costly repairs. It is for this reason important to diagnose the forklifts from factors that could cause damage to the head gasket.


Some of the common gasket problems in forklifts today would be leakage that may be exacerbated by the fact that the gasket is made of aluminum instead of iron cylinder heads. The thermal expansion rate for aluminum can be greater than the other types and this, in turn, can cause too much stress on the gasket itself.


Checking the compression levels, the quality of the gaskets and the other contributing factors brought on by weather could lower the chances of a broken gasket. A leaking coolant can also cause a head gasket to blow off.


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