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We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT BEARINGS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Nissan Forklift Bearings

Any forklift owner, operator or business franchiser should understand all the essential parts of the machine, and one of those important parts would have to be the forklift’s bearing. This article would be the go-to source for all the forklift operators out there that need guidance on the topic.



What Is A Bearing?


In essence, bearings in forklifts are the small components in the machine that are so important in enhancing the smooth movements of the forklifts. They reduce the friction between the moving parts, gears, and motions happening in the engine. The design of a bearing may be able to provide for either a free linear movement of the parts of the engine or they can provide for free rotation around the fixed axis of a specific engine part.


It is through the function of a bearing that the vectors of the normal forces happening in a forklift are stabilized and given their balanced movements. The minimized friction from the bearing is what hold the shafts and axles of the forklifts, too. Without the help of a solid bearing of whatever kind, - be it ball bearing, roller bearing or plain bearing - a forklift’s maximum efficiency, durability, and reliability would be reduced.



 Short History


It may be said that bearings’ history would be traced way back to the wooden rollers back in the Egyptian times. Since then the bearing mechanism used by vehicles today has evolved until in the industrial era, where bearings have become modern and have been patented by different innovators, including Henry Timken in the 19th century who patented the tapered roller bearing.





Despite the fact that the giant roller bearings and chain guide bearings are made with the most robust quality, they’re still prone to wear and tear. That’s why they have to be monitored and have to undergo proper maintenance and diagnosis. A service provider that fixes forklifts must bear the expertise in how to maintain the bearings at their top shape. These providers should know how to to make a bearing to be discrete and how to distinguish bearings that use graphite or oil as their lubricants.





There are various motions attributed to the different types of bearings. These motions include radial rotation or shaft rotation, linear motion such as a drawer, spherical rotation and hinge motion. All these motions have their different functions and disadvantages, and anyone who maintains a forklift should know how to assist any failure or inconsistencies related to such bearings’ motions.


Reducing friction is the prime function of any bearing to improve the efficiency of forklifts and to facilitate extended use. Forklift operators must then make sure that the bearings in their vehicles are at their top shape in order to protect their safety. These operators should also understand how these bearings reduce friction by separating the surfaces of the forklift parts through the electromagnetic field. Some of the factors and attributes in a bearing that aid in its complete function would be their shape, material, field, and air pressure.


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