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We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT STEERING VALVE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Nissan Forklift Steering Valve

What people should first know about forklift steering valves is that they’re essential elements that form the structure of power steering systems. A power steering is what makes the forklift operator run the machine in the most efficient, smooth and safe manner for all types of drivers. It should be added that it is the initial power steering systems of a forklift fuelled by its belt that gives the forklift the efficiency that business owners greatly appreciate. With the help of a crankshaft and pulley on pumps, the steering valve performs at its optimal shape, enabling the forklift to run its functions perfectly.


We should include here that the power steering systems where a steering valve is installed would be either a hydraulic or an electric power steering. Steering is made right after the fluid in the steering system gets back to the reservoir during processing the pressurized hydraulic fluids. With the help of the system’s pump and a series of hydraulic lines, the forklift’s steering function is improved. The fluid in the system gets circulated all throughout the lines. The pressure in this system is maintained, too, in order for the power steering system to avoid system failure.


What forklift operators or business owners should never forget is that the steering valve’s pump is one of the parts of the system that get easily damaged from wear and tear, excessive use or when there’s broken hydraulic lines. Heat and corrosive elements of nature would also render other parts of the steering valve easily damaged. When a forklift gets damaged then, it helps to check first if this part of the power steering system is running smoothly.


There can also exist a lot of problems when the steering valve breaks, and some of the signs of this broken part would have to be a smell of burning power steering fluid, a whirring noise that lingers and a leaking of power steering fluid under the forklift.


Forklift operators should know that when they have trouble turning a corner while operating their forklift, it may be the fault of a dysfunctional steering valve. If the value of the forklift’s steering wheel does not work properly, then the fluid won’t be able to stabilize the system’s cylinder. The drop in fluid pressure that happens when this break happens would have to be addressed immediately because it can cause safety issues. There’s nothing to fret, though. It’s not that hard to replace these steering valves.


With the right trustworthy forklift repair store, one can just easily replace the various parts of the valve, including their bull stud dust shield and clamp and valve seal bushings. It is important to find the right person or service provider to do this, though. The wrong store or service provider that attempts to fix forklifts can aggravate the costs that otherwise would have just been affordable.



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