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We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT CAMSHAFT / CRANKSHAFT parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Nissan Forklift Camshaft / Crankshaft

Many experts would be able to enlighten you about the best forklift brands to invest in, but if business owners are unable to understand the importance of each of the parts of a forklift, then it might be hard for that business owner to get an informed decision on what forklifts to invest in. One of these most important forklift parts would be the camshaft and crankshafts. And so this article is anyone’s go-to source to understand the essentials of these forklift parts.



Intrinsically Connected


Everyone should understand that a camshaft is strongly linked with a crankshaft, and the linkage between them forms the vital components of any forklift or four-stroke machine. The first thing that comes up when one brings up the topic of camshaft and crankshaft is what a camshaft is made of. And camshafts consist of cast iron or steel that can easily be located from the head of an engine. The position of this part is essential in giving the forklifts their robust efficiency, and make them well-built for the cylinders that are installed right above them.


Secondly, people should know that there are two kinds of variations for these camshafts. They come in either SOHC or DOHC forms. SOHC means Single Over-head Cam and DOHC means Dual Over-head Cam, and these run along in different angles of the engines and are intentionally installed to sit in different angles. The lobes call on the other parts of the forklift parts to allow for a fuel mixture to enter the cylinder of the forklift machines. With these egg-shaped lobes that connect to its rocker arms, the camshaft’s timing is operated through the cambelt.



The Uses


It should be added here that the camshaft’s main use started way back in Turkey in 1206 and was utilized among the first cars created in the country. The essential utility of these camshafts is made a priority use in internal combustion engines with pistons of forklifts.  A good camshaft is also essential in making sure that forklifts deliver operations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Forklifts with the most powerful camshaft have to then consist of a robust cylindrical rod that runs the length of its cylinder bank. They also have to be integrated with the cam lobes with its valves. With the right chilled iron castings in each of these camshafts, a forklift can perform powerful operations that may increase the growth, revenues, and expansion of any company.



The Crank Engine


The forklifts’ cranks are also important in changing the up and down motion of the forklifts’ pistons into constant rotation. It’s needed that these crankshafts are robustly installed with the pistons to convert their motion. Without these powerful crankshafts in machines, it would be impossible for forklifts to distribute its energy to run their operations.


A good forklift has to also have these large engines paired with multiple cylinders. This enables for the pulsations to run smoothly and the individual firing strokes in the motion to get the engines running with efficient counterweights.


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