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We distribute an extensive selection of NISSAN FORKLIFT WHEEL CYLINDER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Nissan Forklift Wheel Cylinder

Any forklift operator or manufacturer should understand the machine’s components, and one of them would be the wheel cylinder. The wheel cylinder’s main function in a forklift is to aid in the forklift’s hydraulic drum brake system. Found in the each of the wheels of the forklift, positioned near the wheel, this machine, in most forklifts at least, exert a force onto the machine’s shoes in order to bring the engine in contact with what is called the drum of the vehicle.  Proper integration of that part lends the wheel cylinders their optimal function that can let the forklifts run smoothly without fail.


An interesting trivia that might be relevant to a discussion of a forklift wheel cylinder is the fact that these wheel cylinders have been invented by Bendix in 1958. From that invention, these cylinders have grown to mimic a slave cylinder with the same functions until up to the time that they have been rendered to be an essential part and component of a forklift.


These wheel cylinders, by the way, consist of a cylinder that contains two pistons concentrated on each side of the component. They’re relatively easy to replace and they’re normally inexpensive to acquire, so changing them might not be that much of a problem. The problem, though, is that some companies or sellers might not be able to offer these wheel cylinder replacements because of bad management. Every business operator that uses forklifts must go for a brand that’s able to deliver such replacements in the most convenient time possible.


Forklifts can also use a variety of wheel cylinders, and most of the designs of these cylinders are using two single piston versions, where one of that is located at the top of the drum, while the second one is located at the bottom. These components are connected by just one brake shoe.


Forklift operators or business owners should understand, too, that wheel cylinders need as much maintenance as any other component of forklifts. These wheel cylinders have to be replaced or rebuilt when there’s leaking. There used to be also more maintenance needed when these wheel cylinders were made of cast iron since they’re more prone to rusting. Right now these wheel cylinders are made of aluminum, which is rust-free.


Wheel cylinders are also an important safety-relevant element in a forklift. The brake drums or brake shoes of a forklift have to often be checked to know whether there might be a need to finally replace the wheel cylinders. Forklift owners should learn some of the signs of whether the wheel cylinders are already in need of complete replacements.


Some of these signs would be an impaired braking performance and whether there’s a loss of brake fluid. It’s dangerous if there’s a total failure of the drum brake in a wheel cylinder, especially if the damage gets to affect the brake circuit.


There’s not much needed special maintenance for the wheel cylinders to maintain their value, but it is still important to observe the proper service schedule, especially in replacing the brake fluid of these wheel cylinders.


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