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We distribute an extensive selection of BUCKETS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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Forklifts are state of the art machines massively used in various industries like construction, material handling, agriculture, warehousing and many more. Additionally, they offer sophisticated domestic use options. Forklifts were originally used to transport pallets from one place to another in a factory or warehouse. Over time, they have been modified to perform more. Through the attachment of various accessories, forklifts are transformed to perform varieties of tasks like loading sand and gravel, performing job site cleanup, snow removal from highways/ streets, elevation of roof gravel, transporting wood waste, excavation at various levels in variety of terrains, and back filling. Forklift buckets are the attachments used for performing such tasks conveniently and effectively.


Forklift bucket (shovelling attachments) is a type of attachment that enables forklifts to behave like a mini loader. This attachment can be added or removed by the forklift operator with considerable ease, without requiring to seek other expertise. A wide range of forklift buckets exist in the market, tailored to the requirements of commercial users. Their weight carriage capacities range from low to medium and high, as measured in tons or pounds, from a few tons to tens of tons. They are easy to attach and detach, hence are less tedious and does not consume much time.


Amongst compact wheel loader buckets, we have general-purpose buckets with volumetric capacities ranging from 1 to 1.8 or 1.9 yards cube, industrial grapple buckets, light material buckets for handling higher volume of less dense materials like top soil, wood chips, fertilizers and many more.  Other general-purpose buckets include multipurpose buckets for performing digging, dozing, clamping, grading and levelling operations in addition to a wide range of applications, and the side dump buckets for bedding materials into a narrow place like trench or loading a truck in space restricted area.


A huge range of excavator buckets is now available to perform every possible excavation task with the help of forklifts. The types include mini excavator digging buckets, ditch cleaning, tilting buckets, general duty medium and high capacity excavators, heavy and extreme duty excavator buckets, pin grabbers and more hardened and tough severe duty buckets for heavy-duty rocks. No terrain is too tough for the forklifts attached with large variety of excavator buckets.


Loaders buckets also offer a huge range of buckets from general-purpose buckets to rock handling, material handling, high dump buckets and coal handling buckets. Another variation, the skid steer loaders are multi terrain and compact track loaders that offer dirt buckets, industrial grapple, light material, utility and multipurpose buckets for operating in such terrain conditions.


Telehandler buckets are another useful variety of buckets, offered in a sizeable range, to perform variety of tasks as attachments. Self-dump buckets are similar kind of attachments with the forklifts converting them to loaders. They offer easy installation and detachments, and work with both hydraulically operated mechanism as well as manual operation. Manual operation, however needs the forklift to be equipped with side shift.


There are certain ways to attach buckets with forklift trucks. Front-end attachment are easy to use and it is widely used today. For a front end bucket attachment, you just need to insert forks into fork pockets, secure the arrangement with restraining chains and you are good to go. The tilting mast controls the angular movement of the bucket and helps loading the desired load. After being loaded, the bucket is lifted to required height and the load is transported. Dumping the same load is usually controlled by rope or chain controlled latches. They are served with durable, rugged and heavy duty springs to sustain pressure during loading, unloading and rotation of the bucket.


Since such an arrangement involves a temporary attachment of buckets with the forklift truck, certain security concerns are likely to arise. Forklift truck with bucket attachments are essentially a make shift loader, hence the user might be afraid of an accidental tip over of the forklift or an unexpected detachment of the bucket while a heavy load was being raised to a considerable height. Such concerns are genuine and the manufacturers, therefore, pay dedicated attention to the security aspects of these attachments. Use of heavy duty and durable material for attachment slots, securing them with safety locks and restraining latches are the most commonly used methods. Besides, production of attachment buckets is done precisely in accordance with respective forklift models to ensure maximum compatibility.


Certain specifications for snow and bulk material handling buckets, made by different production companies are standardized. Usually reinforced steel plates of high quality, durable steel are used in preparation of such buckets. The heels of buckets are usually made in square or rectangular shape for ease of back dragging, and bottom skid plates comprises of 2-3 reinforced steel plates for added rigidity and long life. Quick coupler mounting plates are standard with all such attachments. Whereas, pin-on-plates mechanism is provided on demand. Upper bucket lip is reinforced for additional strength with hardened cutting edge.


The benefit of using forklift buckets is that it can boost work productivity, while performing the functions of a loader without the need to purchase one. Simply attach the bucket to any forklift and instantly convert the forklift into a front-end loader. Once properly in place, the multi-tasking forklift can be used for different applications, and can work not just in construction sites to haul dirt and aggregates, but can be useful as well in mining and agriculture.


In order to make these buckets and attachments truly functional for different applications, many suppliers customize the buckets. Some buckets are available up to 120” wide and can carry as much as 54 cubic feet of load. Similar to most parts and components, these buckets and attachments can be manufactured to exact specifications based on height and capacity.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. provides varieties of forklift bucket attachments with varying sizes, perfectly fitting on forklifts. Contact your parts specialists today to find you the right bucket that is suitable for your specific forklift!


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