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Snorkel Aerial Lift

We distribute an extensive selection of SNORKEL FORKLIFT parts for all models.

We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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Snorkel Forklift Parts

Searching for and buying genuine parts for your forklift trucks is both overwhelming and time consuming. Solid Lift Parts is committed to make your forklift parts buying experience as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. We offer a wide range of lift truck parts for various makes and models of forklifts at the most affordable prices. We at Solid Lift Parts take utmost care in updating out parts inventory on a daily basis, so our customers get to pick every single model of forklift parts they require. With our certified and thoroughly trained forklift parts experts, we take pride in offering you top quality brand new, used and rebuilt Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as aftermarket lift truck parts, helping you to maintain your costs down and your forklift fleets operating at peak performance.

Snorkel Forklift History

Snorkel is a major competitor in the aerial lift platform. Known for its comprehensive listing of aerial lifts, it offers operators with safe and reliable platforms that can range from 13 to 131 feet. The company is primarily in the business for designing and manufacturing aerial lifts for major markets like North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The management of the company changed throughout its corporate history. Today, the company is owned and managed by Tanfield Group. Tanfield is a UK-based company that is known for the production of AWPs and electric vehicles. The company is also the owner of UpRight, a company that manufactures lifts for African, Asian and European markets.


The company’s paramount belief is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction by focusing specifically on their requirements and tailoring their production designs accordingly. Snorkel provides the toughest machines for any application whether it is interior building maintenance or construction job. All the lifts are designed in a way that will provide professional maintenance facilities for the contractors. Snorkel provides a proportional operating system in machines to fulfill the specific needs and expectations of its customers.



Snorkel History


Snorkel was formally found in 1958 as the Snorkel Fire Equipment Co. The company introduced to the market, a customized elevating platform that directly was marketed to fire marshals and workers. The customized platforms helped improve fire-fighting methods in the 1960s and its following years. The company was purchased by ATO Inc. in 1971, and was later known as the Figgie International Inc. After six years, the company engaged in the construction industry by offering Snorkel lift telescoping aerial working platform. This equipment features the aluminum telescoping boom and the hydraulic and electric systems.


In 1988, the company acquired the Economy Engineering Work Platforms, a company known for its self-propelled scissor lifts and vertical lifts. This was also the time when the company expanded its manufacturing facilities to include new plants in Levin, New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The ownership of the company moved to OmniQuip International Inc, and after a few years, the Tanfield Group officially controlled the company known as Snorkel.



Varied Snorkel Aerial Work Platforms Available


For powered access a comprehensive customer offering is provided by Snorkel UK with a huge product range that is supplied straight from the Snorkel Factory in Tyne & Wear. The products are provided with an outstanding support facility as well as tailored finance. Snorkel is also expert in parts replacement for the complete UpRight array. The widest range of aerial lifts in the industry are produced by Snorkel with over 35 different machines that are available at platform heights, starting from 2m to 40m. For each work, all kinds of right lifts are available for replacing a light bulb or engaging in a heavy-duty construction job. The range starts from scissor lifts, booms, push- around, towable lifts to low level access platforms, all of which you can find at Snorkel collection of aerial lifts.
Access platforms are offered to all buyers by Snorkel. Whether you want to purchase a large machine for industrial use or a smaller one for domestic or small warehouse utility, all sizes can be shipped directly from the factory. A wide base of sale and support facilities serve all kinds of customers, whether you are a plant or a tool hiring company, a contractor or a maintenance professional for providing facilities.


Snorkel offers a long list of models for aerial work platforms. Some of the popular models include Snorkel M1230E Electric Scissor Lift, S2770/3370RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift, SL26SL/SL30SL Speed Level Lift, A38E Electric Boom Lift, A46JRT Articulated Boom Lift and T40RT/T46JRT Telescopic Boom Lift.


Snorkel also offers a reconditioning program, which provides customers with reconditioned and good-as-new forklift trucks. This is a two-tier program that includes the Bronze and the Gold scheme. Used Snorkel lift trucks are thoroughly checked and inspected by the company to ensure that the machines meet and/ or exceed their quality standards.



Snorkel Aerial Lifts

Over the 3 decades ago, the company had invented the initial self-propelled scissor lift, and that spirit is still carried by Snorkel. The company is continuously searching new solutions that are workable over height and new methods to increase the productivity and safety advantages, which its customers can enjoy all around the world. The philosophy of Snorkel is to keep it simple as they are manufacturer of reliable, robust machines that can lead to wherever the customers need to go, considering all the safer options in the quick and efficient manner. The company produces aerial lifts that will meet the customer needs without confounding the customer work life as the machines are easy to use, easy to maintain as well as easy to repair.
The company enjoys a proud heritage towards finding practical ways and solutions when it comes to work safety at heights. The main purpose and core of the company is to build values in order to influence everything that the company is doing.


Snorkel is doing its best to stay closer to their customers with more than 30 direct sales people and a huge network of distributors that has augmented the Snorkel team. Snorkel is available everywhere; besides sales and support of their products, Snorkel helps even if you require an expert advice related to instant access to additional parts and product support, in your native language. Attractive options are offered by Snorkel Global Finance that is providing a range of Snorkel machines to fulfill individual business needs.

Solidlifts. Inc has a large inventory of used Snorkel Aerial Lift equipment, including Snorkel Articulating boom lifts, Snorkel Scissor Lifts, and Snorkel telescopic booms. Buy Snorkel Articulating Boom Lifts at low prices or browse our huge selection of Snorkel telescopic boom lifts at C2C equipment. View our large inventory of used Snorkel scissor lifts, ranging from hard-to-find pieces to recent models at lower prices. Choose a link below to find the Snorkel lift equipment you are looking for. For questions or more information, call 1-877-791-1148 and we would be happy to help you.

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