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We distribute an extensive selection of AERIAL PLATFORM parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Aerial Platform

Aerial Platform and Man Buckets are attachments to aerial lift machines where the operator can be secured onto and be elevated to desired heights. Another name given to these aerial platforms is cherry picker, for the reason that aerial platforms and man buckets were initially made to pick cherries and fruits from tall trees. These machines consists of a platform or a bucket, which is attached to an end of a hydraulic or other lifting systems, to raise and lower it to desired heights. It is often attached on the back of a flat bed truck, a standalone trailer or a moving platform and the bucket is designed to let the workers work while standing. It is usually served with duplicate controls available in the bucket as well to allow the operator to adjust the position of the bucket vertically or laterally.


Few man-lift buckets are equipped with telescopic lifting mechanism to adjust the reach. They are often served with elaborate safety mechanism to prevent a tipping over from unbalance due to excessive load or an over extended movement of the bucket. They are capable of performing equally well in spacious or tightly held places, however the model would differ for a specific requirement. The lifts specifically meant to work in tighter spaces are named as articulated boom lifts. These lift platforms come with both diesel served and electrically operated engines to suit its particular working environment.


The cherry pickers, originally designed to pick cherries from trees, are now used for a large variety of tasks. For example, besides picking fruits from tall trees, they are used to service land line telephones, high electric wires and power equipment, Christmas light arrangements and banners displays. They are an excellent utility in warehouses for transporting and adjusting loads arranged in high shelves. Other utilities can be mining, painting and construction works.


Aerial lift man-buckets found their amusing use of putting hats onto the heads of high rise statues of iconic value, like the statue of Admiral Lord Nelson in London’s Trafalgar square. Several rescue and safety operations are performed by aerial lift man buckets to include rescuing people from stalled chair lifts or extracting people from fire hit buildings by the fire fighters.


A special type of lift is used as fire apparatus by fire fighters globally to achieve high level or difficult access. They are often served with additional gadgetry like piped water supply or a water cannon to help putting out the fire. Window glass of high rise buildings when need a cleanup from the exterior, bucket lifts are called to work. Aside from its ability to support workers at a height, these platforms are also used to perform a variety of maintenance tasks. For example, some platforms can be equipped with electric power tools and other specialized equipment. They are also used to carry heavy loads or fragile material like window glass for an elevated placement or replacement. They have a number of indoor use options for which the man buckets and lift mechanism are designed specifically to meet user’s requirements. In short, the use of these attachments can help boost the functionality of the lift trucks and allow workers to be more flexible in doing a variety of tasks.

For the last few years, the design and construction of lift trucks have improved significantly. They are now suitable for indoor domestic use in restricted space environments, in factories, material handling facilities and in large or small warehouses. Their outdoor use is also diversified from working on paved roads to the rocky uneven construction sites. These developments were expected, thanks primarily to the evolving demands in construction and varieties of industries. In order to meet the evolving market demands, the latest versions of lift trucks now feature different kinds of attachments that can boost its functionality. If one takes a look at the available design of lift trucks, it is no longer surprising to see trucks attached with aerial platform and man buckets that can help these trucks perform more for specific works.


Aerial Platforms Enables Workers to Reach Varying Heights


Aerial platform and man buckets are necessary to add height and allow the lift truck operators to work on special tasks. These platforms or man buckets are necessary if there is a need to reach a higher working area such as upper levels of the buildings or electric power lines. Telescopic sections are often used to increase the arm lengths of booming sections, thereby credibly enhancing their working range. They serve as a beneficial tool to extend the lateral or vertical extent of the bucket lift, giving an operator a significant ease of performing the desired task effectively.


Depending on the actual design and specifications of these lift trucks, the operators can access areas that ordinary scissor lifts cannot, moving faster than setting up scaffolding.  The use of man buckets and platforms allows the workers to carry their tools at heights and perform a number of tasks while being supported by the lift trucks. The attachments come in different size configurations, thus one can customize his/her search for these attachments.


The attachments accommodate limited loads. In many cases, majority of these platforms can only accommodate loads that weigh less than a ton. There are brands that feature a better Safe Working Load (SWL), which differentiates them essentially from the cranes. Therefore, it is best to shop around and to check the specifications to match the desired job. A diverse variety of aerial platforms with different mechanisms from various international vendors is available in market to suit respective user requirements.


Man buckets are often mounted on the scissor lifts with a limitation of a vertical move only. Bucket lifts can be differentiated from elevators by the nature of their availability, since bucket lifts are always meant to perform a time barred job. This kind of lift mechanism utilizes criss-cross pattern also known as pantograph. Various methods can be sued to perform contracting and expansion of the scissor which includes hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical means.


Aerial Platform Photos

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