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We distribute an extensive selection of FORK POSITIONER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Fork Positioner

Forklift Fork Positioners are forklift attachments that are attached to the carriage assembly. They are extremely useful in accommodating loads with different widths. Not all pallets are available in the same size. Therefore, with the use of the fork positioner, the operator can adjust the distance between the forks to suit the correct width of the pallets, all from his/her seat. Fork positioners position the forks absolutely symmetrical, enabling the ability to distribute the load equally between the two forks. The adjustment of the forks is done through two different set-ups: roller chain or horizontal hydraulic cylinders. Although the roller chain is easy to maintain, hydraulic cylinders have more stability. Roller chains operate in a pulling motion to pull the two forks apart. On the other hand, hydraulic cylinders are set up to push the two forks away from each other. The distance between the forks is not limited to the size of the width of the carriage, extending further for the extremely wide loads.


The fork positioners should be regularly maintained. The roller chains should be regularly oiled to increase the smoothness of its movement. Whereas, the hydraulic cylinders should be perfectly straight and not bent in angles. Prior to using the positioner, the operator should check that the distance between the forks are symmetrical. One should note to keep hands away from any of the moving parts of the positioner. Additionally, to promote a safe working environment, the outer edges of the positioner frame should be taped with high-visibility tapes.


Positioner parts that are most susceptible to damage are often the hydraulics and the roller chains. Damaged positioners are often repairable items, granted that the fork and the structural frame of the positioners remain intact. If one of the hydraulic cylinder is irreparable, Solid Lift Parts Inc. is able to locate the part in question for the customer.  SLP Inc. provides a wide array of forklift fork positioner parts for all makes and models. Contact your parts specialist today to get you the right part, right away!



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