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We distribute an extensive selection of CATERPILLAR FORKLIFT BRAKE SHOES parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Caterpillar Forklift Brake Shoes

Caterpillar is one of the popular brands in the field of heavy material handling. Caterpillar forklift trucks are used in many factories and industrial areas in North America. Loading units, ports, transportation sector companies seem to be using Caterpillar forklift trucks the most. Caterpillar, being a leading manufacturer of heavy machinery, has created a sense of trust amongst industries. One of the most important parts of a Caterpillar forklift truck is its brake shoes.

Caterpillar Brake Shoe – Specifications

Brake shoes would be different with respect to the type of forklift and the type of Caterpillar model used by the factories. Usually brake shoes are manufactured using aluminum or cast iron. Material type used in the brake shoe can be determined using the model name which would be indicated as ‘A’ for aluminum based brake shoes and ‘G’ for cast iron based brake shoes. Brake shoes would differ from one model to another with respect to its dimensions.

When purchasing a new brake shoe unit for their Caterpillar forklift truck, operators should know the dimensions of the brake shoes used in their forklift trucks.

  • Length of the brake shoe should be calculated without taking into account the brake lining, and length will be indicated by the letter ‘L’.
  • Letter ‘B’ indicates the width of the brake shoe. Width of the brake shoe should be measured on the metal of the brake shoe.
  • Height of the brake shoe is indicated by the term ‘H’. Measurement should be made without considering the brake lining.

Lever Specifications

Brake shoe lever would be of three basic types, which include single lever (E), double lever (G) and double separated lever (DG). Difference can be seen with respect to the positioning of the lever too. RH indicates lever positioning on the right hand side and LH indicates lever positioning on the left hand side.

Lever position identification

Forklift truck operators should be professionally trained to know all these factors. Proper installation procedure should be followed or else any action performed would lead to machine damage. Operators will now be able to know how to find out the lever positioning on their brake shoe unit using the following guidelines:

  1. Operator should hold the brake shoe facing them.
  2. Brake lining should be located away from the operator.
  3. Lever hinge point should be pointing upwards.

Under the satisfaction of all these three conditions, the operator would be able to find whether the lever is positioned in LH or RH side.

Riveted pin specifications

Similar to the lever, riveted pin would always have different types of positioning, namely, RH indicating right hand side, LH indicating left hand side and Z indicating the absence of a riveted pin.

Riveted pin position

Just like the identification procedure for brake shoe lever, the riveted pin location can also be identified by the operator using these simple steps:

  1. Brake should be held towards the operator.
  2. Brake lining should be positioned away.
  3. Riveted pin should point upwards.

With all these three criteria satisfied, the position of the riveted pin can be identified by the Caterpillar forklift truck operator.

Brake shoe specifications, positioning etc. should be understood by the truck operator clearly. Factories should employ only professionally qualified operators. Operators should not only be able to drive the truck, but should also possess the skills and knowledge to perform service and maintenance of the forklift.

Proper breaking operation

Operators, when they want to bring the forklift truck to a stop, should first release their foot from the accelerator pedal. Press on the brake pedal and simultaneously move the directional lever to Neutral position. Lock knob should be placed in the LOCK position. All these activities should occur simultaneously and hassle-free. Operators should never try to bring the forklift to a sudden halt because it would cause a lot of damages.

Caterpillar forklift – Preventive maintenance

Caterpillar forklift trucks should be maintained properly for efficient operation. It is advised to have a checkup on forklift for every 10 hours of operation. If the operator is hearing a sound while braking, they should check the brake shoes immediately. All the components should be connected properly and should not have any dust. Physical damages would also lead to braking issues. If the brake shoes are worn out, the operator should not perform forklift operation until they are replaced. Compromised working culture would lead to problems. All the risks in the workplace can be averted completely if the operator follows standard operating procedure. Standard checkups and record keeping of all the parameters would help maintain the caterpillar forklift truck in its prime condition always.

Cat genuine parts

Caterpillar forklift brake shoes and other parts of the forklift should be bought from authorized dealers and genuine sellers. Caterpillar manufactured forklift parts are distributed by the company across various dealers located across different states, and also several online platforms including Solid Lift Parts offer OEM parts for all makes and models of your Caterpillar lift trucks. Use genuine parts for replacement and protect your forklift truck.


Additional Notes (22-09-2015) - 


Caterpillar Forklift Brake Shoes are the most essential part of the brake drum system of caterpillar forklift trucks. Braking system of any vehicle is important to avert accidents. Most forklifts use the drum braking systems in lieu of disk braking system.


Disk brake system and drum brake system both have their pros and cons. The disk brakes force a moving machine to immediate halt. The drum brakes work gradually, steadily and reliably. Disk brake application requires expertise and experience, as abrupt halt of moving forklift can lead to accidents. Drum brake system is safer. Some forklifts use disk and drum brakes combined for assured safety.


Brake shoes form the most important part of brake drum system. Brake drum looks like a drum. Drum brake system has a cylinder with two curved, big braking pads called brake shoes. If the forklift operator pushes the brake paddle down, the piston forces brake shoes outside to hit the drum wall causing friction force between the drum and brake shoes resulting in deceleration, eventual halt of the forklift.


If the brake shoe is worn out completely, it must be immediately replaced to avert dangers. The forklift should be taken to a professional mechanic for repairing. However, the forklift operator can replace the brake shoes with a little training and understanding.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. offer brake shoes for all models of caterpillar forklifts. So, contact our parts specialist to get new or remanufactured or used brake shoes, whichever is suitable for your specific needs, at reasonable prices, today!


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