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We distribute an extensive selection of CATERPILLAR FORKLIFT DRIVE AXLE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Caterpillar Forklift Drive Axle

Transferring power to the wheels through the different gearbox is the operational activity of CaterpillarForklift Drive Axle. It is considered as an unabated part of the power of forklift. The drive axle is made of callous steel rods which help the rear to move up a peak & also down compatibly. Lying in rear end housing, it is hiding with steel.


Drive axle can be of two different categories, live axle & dead axle. There are wheels connected to a live axle. When carrying the weight of the forklift, those wheels are rotated by a live axle. But on the other hand, the dead axle is unable to revolve the wheels.


It is Constant Velocity joint by which forklift axle is attached to the wheel. Constant velocity joint helps to rotate the pit. It also helps to dispatch power at a certain velocity. When this procedure is continuing, it helps to restraint abrasion. It also assists to control or to decrease heat. Constant velocity boot actually covers the joint, known as the CV joint boot. This boot is very flexible in covering which function is to conserve the joint assembly.


Forklift has a very unique design in every model. You may not find the same new drive axle for your ones. But don’t worry, as Solid Lift Parts Inc.has already solved this problem for you. We can provide caterpillar forklift drive axles for all models, most importantly at a very reasonable price. So if you are in a hurry to collect your drive axle, just do contact with parts specialist & we will have shipped your specific parts on time.


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