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We distribute an extensive selection of CATERPILLAR FORKLIFT ENGINE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Caterpillar Forklift Engine

There are so many things that can be said about the engines in Caterpillar forklifts. From how they’re some of the toughest, most powerful workhorses in the construction industry to being some of the quality choices of the top-rated building construction companies in the world, Caterpillar forklifts have indeed made it their task to deliver quality work. Powered by fuel system that rarely fails and is known to appeal to the most demanding experts, forklifts from Caterpillar have always been reliable, powerful and heavy-duty to withstand the most outdoor jobs in the field.


Diesel Forklifts 

There are many categories among Caterpillar forklift engines, but one of the most popular is the diesel forklifts. It can easily be claimed that the forklift trucks from Caterpillar are always in top performance among the competition, and it’s not shown better than in how its diesel-powered forklifts are run.


For starters, these diesel forklift trucks that use the Caterpillar engine can do the basic applications: loading and unloading goods, such as containers and vehicles. They’re also able to move goods to a variety of transition locations, inside or outside external storage areas.


It’s also fascinating to know that these forklifts are able to transfer items from one far location to another, which is very ideal in construction areas that have a variety of production locations. What makes this feature extra useful is that companies want to save costs as much as possible, and having such a feature gives the business an extra leeway to lower down risks, overhead costs, and other expenses.


Not only are the forklift engines from Caterpillar extremely excellent in performance, but they also come in a comprehensive range of lift capacities, sizes, and options. In the long run, this gives diesel engines from Caterpillar an extra advantage because they carry out all kinds of weight and mass even in the harshest environments possible. These forklifts are able to handle the most difficult loads that other forklifts are unable to do.


Moreover, we can also say that the diesel forklifts from Caterpillar offer all these features in the most efficient and effortless way possible. If businesses want speed, strength, agility, and reliability, then there’s an unlikely better option than what they can get from Caterpillar forklift engines based on the above criteria.


The exceptional endurance from CAT forklifts has also given them the advantage to carry everything that needs to be transferred, ranging from small pallets of bulk materials to individual materials that can reach a weight of several tons. This is made possible mainly because of the wide array of options that boost the engines to its optimal capacity. This also provides a kind of range to these engines that no other forklift truck in the market can compare.


Features of Diesel Forklifts 

What can in addition be uniquely said about these CAT forklifts today is that their features are outstanding. Just consider the following:


A. Compact Lines

With such smooth lines that are compact and ever durable ingrained in each diesel Caterpillar forklift, the engine is able to power it with enough maneuver that it can move to the most confined spaces without compromising the driver’s visibility.


B. Warning System 

Another stellar structure feature of these CAT forklifts is that they have an in-grained warning system that protects drivers from unwanted and unnecessary risks. This also helps businesses to sustain efficient maintenance costs and helps keep the diesel forklifts in high performance at a minimum cost.


Additionally, we can say that the diesel range of these engines reaches to about 1.5 tonnes (DP14n) to an unbelievably impressive 16.0 tonnes. There are about 3m and 7m of lift heights typically of these forklifts, depending on the quality and variety of the mast fitted in the engine.


Overall, the diesel engine version has applications where other lift trucks will have difficulty comparing. These applications can be perfect for outdoor racking and other areas that require a high level of height. This implies that such forklifts will be ideal in horizontal and vertical movements.


Durability: The Name CAT Is Known For


Whether the forklift is used for heavy duty application or just for basic transport, the forklift engines from CAT are easily synonymous already with durability. It also helps that these engines have five mast capacity designs, an assortment of four-engine sizes and three unique and functional frame types.


Such features also make these CAT forklifts ideal for all types of industrial applications that involve high-level traction or sloping in slippery surfaces. The solid pneumatic tires ingrained in each forklift also ensure that they can be reliable against the slippery surface and give the controller the maximum comfort possible. The warning system and maintenance procedures for the trucks can generally speaking sustain the costs of keeping the engine at maximum performance always.




Equally important to state here is the fact that the productivity levels of CAT forklift engines are outstanding mainly because of their state-of-the-art LPG engines. These engines come with an engine management system that simultaneously regulates their catalytic converter that allows for a great performance all the time.


These engines also have low noise and emission levels that always give these forklifts the powerful advantage as an industrial power that doesn’t compromise on fuel usage. There’s also a proprietary floating powertrain in these diesel engines that contribute very well to the engine’s ability to reduce lifting capacity errors and improve truck stability.


Overall, the productivity of the engines in these diesel CAT forklifts are made even more powerful because of their sustained record of keeping all these featuresl at their top performance all the time.




In terms of safety, there’s still no better option out there than the forklifts from CAT. One feature that makes these engines extra reliable is the availability of what is called the Presence Detection System (PDS). This is an attribute of each forklift to prevent it from running when the operator is not seated or available.


This safety feature is in congruence with the low noise levels of the forklift that also provide an extra safety attribute to the forklift and keep the operator always on focus on the trucks. This is a feature highly useful in reducing fatigue during those long, tedious shifts.


With the difference of combustion procedure, engines are categorized as internal combustion engine and external combustion engine. Forklift engines are one sort of internal combustion engine. Here chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy to mobilize heavy-duty vehicle.   

These are four stages to complete one cycle of forklift engine-

  • Air and fuel mixture enters into the combustion chamber of the cylinder by inlet valve, where the piston tends to move down and the pressure is reduced.
  • The piston starts moving up, squeezing the air-fuel mixture into a smaller volume. It increases the temperature of the air-fuel mixture and make ignition easier.
  • Ignition occurs at this stage and the piston moves downward. Massive power produces in this period.
  • In last stage the piston moves from bottom to top center. This allows the exhaust valve to open, and the piston pushes out the leftover gases.

So, the power is produced. It is now to be translated to the wheel of the vehicle. A connected crankshaft with piston does the job rest.

Two most important parts of the engine are cylinder and spark plug.

Cylinder is called as the core of the engine. For heavy-duty vehicle, more than one cylinder is required. To get maximum power the cylinders are arranged in an efficient way, such as flat type, V type or inline assemble. 

Spark plug plays another important role in IC engine as it provides a necessary spark to cause ignition. A good spark plug is essential for perfect combustion. Late ignition and early ignition may occur if the spark plug is choked.


You can get caterpillar forklift engine for any models here in Solid Lift Parts Inc. We are committed to provide great service for our customers.


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