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We distribute an extensive selection of CATERPILLAR FORKLIFT FORK EXTENSIONS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Caterpillar Forklift Fork Extensions

Forklift Fork Extensions are extra reinforcements installed in a forklift truck for lifting longer loads or bigger pallets. These extensions come in different lengths; the range varies from 4-8 inches in width & 50-60 inches in length. The built in materials of these equipments also differ from lightweight metals to steel.


There are many types available for caterpillar forklift fork extensions. Among them hydraulic extendable forklifts are the most common attachments. It is used for one sided loading & double-deep stacking of trucks. The sliding extensions have an integrated synchronization system installed inside to maintain the harmony.


Drum handlers are another kind of attachments, which is best suited to carry drums of different sizes & dimensions. You might have heard about snow plough attachments, yes! Caterpillar also manufactures snow plough attachments of different models. They are very much useful when you require them to perform sire cleaning or snow removal jobs.             


Different models serve different purposes according to the needs and specifications. Single range extendable forks operate faster than cylinder telescopic fork. They can perform easy operations with the smaller blades & extensions of different types. The integrated camera system which comes as an optional feature also provides assistance in overhead pallet stacking.


Maintaining safety during handling loads is very important because of the fact that any accident can occur at any time. Caterpillar gives full concentration on the making quality & safe handling of the forklift fork extensions. Solid Lift Parts Inc. gives you the chance to choose your best caterpillar forklift fork extensions from a huge collection. Just give us a call to know more.


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