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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT FUEL SYSTEM parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Fuel System

A Clark Forklift Fuel System is generally the system to supply the combustible fuel in the internal combustion engines of the forklift engine. Different kinds of fuel systems used by forklifts can be basically categorized into three types: Gasoline Fuel System, Diesel Fuel System and LPG Fuel System. All these three systems include various parts & assemblies like fuel pumps, fuel sensors, LPG regulators, LPG fuel tanks, fuel injectors, fuel lines and fuel tanks.        


LPG Fuel system

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is widely used in forklifts and sometimes on aerial lifts. Fossil fuel sources are the main source of it, but sometimes it is collected from natural gas streams and it can also be produced while petroleum is cultivated. It is usually collected in steel tanks and vessels as its boiling point is below room temperature. Generally, these tanks are established at the back of the forklift and positioned on the outer side of the machine to maintain the safety.


Gasoline Fuel System

The Gasoline fuel system is widely used in the internal combustion engines and also by the forklift engines and aerial engines. It is a vivid fuel that is formed of organic elements extricated from the distillation of petroleum. This fuel is collected in the tanks which are specially designed. There is a specific system improvised to optimize space in each of the vehicles.


Diesel Fuel System

Internal combustion engines, which use the heat of the fuel to flare up the pistons in the combustion chamber, use the diesel fuel system. Fuel is mainly used in internal combustion engines. It uses the heat of the fuel to ignite and power pistons in the combustion chamber. Due to lower heat deployment, diesel engines have higher fuel efficiency compared to the other fuel systems.


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