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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT BEARING parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Bearing

Have you ever thought, how electrical machineries and motors are running without making any noise? The speed at which they rotate, supposed to make noise, but they don’t. It is because of the presence of a small component named bearing. It enables the smooth running of the forklift and keep the materials abstain from wear and corrosion.


In the Clark Forklift truck, a large size bearing is being used. The principal of this bearing is simple. A bearing is a ring shaped machine, which have two parts. Inner part which is connected to the wheel rotates while the outer part remains stationary. There are some metallic smooth balls, which are placed inside the ring. These metallic balls bear the whole loads on the wheel. That’s why Clark uses high tolerant metal in the manufacturing of the balls. A lubricator is used to maintain the smooth spinning of the bearing.        


There are various types of bearing available in the market with respect to their purpose of use. The available types are Plain bearing, Roller bearing, Fluid bearing, Ball thrust bearing, needle bearing, ball joints bearing. Mostly ball bearing is being used in Clark forklift trucks. They are designed to serve with both radial and thrust load. In some case it can be used to handle lighter load. Roller bearing is widely used in convoy belts.


In the Clark forklift truck, bearing is found to be used in various components such as, steering axle, chain pulley and mast roller. Care should be taken, while overhauling the machine. If lubrication system does not work, it should be fixed as early as possible.


There are a lot of shape and size for forklift bearing. Therefore, while purchasing bearing, mast number, model and specification should be checked.


Solid Lift Part Inc. has almost all types of forklift bearing. We have a huge store of forklift parts, where you will find your required bearing. We are determined to provide quality parts to our customers. The thing we care is the satisfaction of our customer. We want to build up an everlasting relationship with you. We buy forklift item from all brands. So that we can offer you quality products at the cheapest rate. All the items are checked and certified by our forklift specialist. We offer you speed transportation for your product. Hence, just after order, your parts will be on the way to your home. Contact with your forklift specialist and order for your item without any second thought.


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