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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT BRAKE DRUMS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Brake Drums

It is braking system, which is most important in every automobile. It is varied with two types; disc brake and drum brake. The thing which makes the difference with these two systems is the working instance. Disc brake performs an immediate brake where the drum brake system works with a steady fashion. As the Clark forklift truck is a heavy-duty automobile, it is hard to apply an instant braking system. That’s the reason why people the drum brake system in most of the forklift truck.


Presently, there are over 350,000 Clark lift trucks performing globally, which are using drum brakes. The reason behind the installation of drum brake systems is because of its simple layout, lower cost & ability to perform a parking brake along with normal brake. Nowadays, most of the trucks are using both brakes; where disc brake is being installed in front wheel and drum brake in the rear.


A rotating drum is used in the drum brake system, that is why it is named like this. A pair of welded plate inside the drum is known as the brake drum, which has the shape of a curve. It plays the key role of stopping the forklift. As the pedal is being pressed, the shoe touches the wall of the drum and causes the retardation of the forklift.


The most advantage of using a drum brake is the parking brake facility. In case of total brake failure of the system, the lever which is directly connected with the brake shoe pulls the brake & it does the rest.


The brake shoe gets corroded, as it touches the brake drum regularly. Therefore, the brake shoe requires regular inspection & replacement if required.


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