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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT DIFFERENTIAL parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Differential

Clark Forklift Differentials - Assemblies and Parts 

Table Of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Purpose of Your Clark Forklift Differential Assembly
  3. Common Differential Types
  4. Differential Parts
  5. Symptoms of a Bad Clark Forklift Differential Assembly
  6. Taking Care of Your Clark Forklift Differential Assembly
  7. Choosing The Right Differential Parts
  8. The Easier and Faster Way to Buy a Clark Forklift Differential (Assembly and Parts)
  9. Takeaways


The differential assembly is a cluster of gears found in the drive axle of both electric and IC Clark forklift models. Clark forklift differential parts are designed and assembled to allow the outer wheels to spin faster than the others, which is crucial when the vehicle turns. 

Because of its importance, it's good to know when the differential assembly in your Clark forklift stops working properly. This way, you could take corrective action before its differential parts fail. 

If you think it's time to replace your Clark forklift differential assembly but need help figuring out where to start, that's okay. Solid Lift Parts is here to help you out. In the following lines, we'll highlight everything you need to know about forklift differential parts and how to recognize when they need to be replaced.

Purpose of Your Clark Forklift Differential Assembly

The Clark forklift differential transmits the engine torque to the wheels. The differential assembly of your Clark lift truck takes power from its engine and splits it, allowing its wheels to spin at different speeds.

When the vehicle turns, it needs each wheel to have the same torque, but without a differential assembly, that won't be possible. Without differential parts, the outside wheels of your truck will slip, trying to travel a greater distance than the inner wheels when turning. In other words, your Clark forklift needs its outer wheels to spin faster to keep up during the turn.


Common Differential Types

When looking at differential parts, it is always recommended to know which differential type they fit. Depending on which Clark lift truck model you own, it probably needs one differential assembly type or another. Below are the most common differential assembly types found on Clark forklifts.

Open Differential

This type of differential allows one wheel to receive all the torque from the transmission box. In other words, the outer wheel can move freely while the inner one is spinning at the same spot. When one tire loses traction, the other loses power to compensate. They are the most common forklift differential type, but they are not good for hard cornering maneuvers.

Limited-Slip Differential

Limited-slip differentials (LSD) work similarly to open ones but limit the maximum torque difference between the two half shafts. They limit the amount of torque passing through the sliding wheel, the one with low traction. This is done by the use of clutches, springs, and plates within the differential. This allows Clark forklifts to perform better during hard cornering maneuvers. 

Locking Differential

This differential type is excellent for heavy duty Clark forklift models. By using a clutch and springs, they send the same amount of power to each wheel, no matter the traction conditions. With this differential assembly, the full amount of torque is always available to both wheels and is not limited by the lower traction of a single wheel.

Differential Parts

When looking for Clark differential parts, it's always helpful to recognize them by their names and application. This is especially true when its part number is unknown. Here are some of the most distinct differential parts by name and function.


Differential Case

Of all differential parts, the differential case is the greater one. It's an open box-like structure where all the gears from the differential assembly are contained. Also, on each side of it are placed the bearings that support each half shaft.

Differential Side Gear (Sun Gears)

These gears are coupled to each half shaft and both spider gears. This means that they are responsible for transmitting the power from the spider gear to its corresponding half shaft.

Spider Gears (Planet Gears)

Two spider gears (sometimes four) are placed opposite to each other and are connected to the side gears to transmit power to the forklift’s front drive wheels by half shafts. They come into action when your Clark forklift turns. Along with the ring gear rotation, the spider gears rotate on their own axis. This allows the torque to be distributed equally between both half shafts.

Ring Gear (Crown Wheel)

The Crown Wheel is responsible for transmitting the power to the spider gears, sun gear, and finally to the half shafts. Thanks to this component, the power can travel to the front drive wheels of the Clark lift truck.

Drive Shaft and Bevel Pinion

The power from the transmission box is transmitted to the drive shaft (propeller shaft) and thus to the bevel pinion gear. The bevel pinion is responsible for transmitting power from the drive shaft to the ring gear.

Half Shaft

Two half shafts connect each front drive wheel of the Clark lift truck. This configuration allows each wheel to receive the same torque but a different speed rotation. The half shaft related to the outer wheel will rotate faster than the other.


They are a special type of support that allows each half shaft to rotate freely on its own axis rotation. They are located on both sides of the differential case. The type of bearing most often found in differential assemblies are preload tapered roller bearings. This type of bearing is excellent for supporting simultaneous radial and axial loads.


Look how differential parts work together:

Symptoms of a Bad Clark Forklift Differential Assembly


  • Vibration when trying to steer your Clark lift truck. Vibrations are commonly associated with worn parts, like faulty bearings. If the main issue is not quickly repaired, there is a chance of losing the whole Clark forklift differential assembly.
  • You hear clucky noises when turning around a corner. In this case, the clunky noises may be related to bad spider gears. Replace your spider gears before the whole set gets compromised.
  • The tires on your Clark forklift wear out frequently. When the outer wheel can't spin faster than the inner one due to bad differential parts, it will tend to slip. Over time this will translate into extensive wear and tear on your tires.
  • Your drive front axle is leaking. When the differential housing gasket wears out, it starts to lose oil. With a low oil level, your differential parts will go to wear out quickly due to the high friction between them. 

Taking Care of Your Clark Forklift Differential Assembly


Most Clark forklift differential assembly failures appear as a consequence of poor maintenance practices. The key to getting the most out of your differential parts is to ensure they always get properly lubricated. Differential assemblies are always located on the vehicle's front side, inside of the drive axle housing, and connected to the transmission so they share the same fluid. 

We recommend that you replace the differential oil fluid at least after every 2,000 operating hours. Also, frequently check the axle housing gasket for possible leaks. This quick inspection can be done every 60 days. Follow these simple guidelines, and your Clark forklift differential parts will be functioning at their best for years. 

Choosing The Right Differential Parts

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to choose the right differential parts for your Clark lift truck but don't know exactly where to start? It is not as complicated as you might think. Take a look at our main suggestions in this regard.

  1. Use your vehicle manual to find out all the part numbers for the differential assembly.
  2. If you can't find OEM parts using these part numbers, look for their aftermarket equivalent.
  3. If you don't have the differential assembly part numbers handy, you will need to do some major component measurements to identify their replacements. The most common measures are: the outer diameter of the ring gear, number of housing bolts, pinion nut size, hub diameter, and the half shaft spline count.
  4. Identify your truck's model and manufacture year. With this information, most suppliers could offer you the best replacement parts.

The Easier and Faster Way to Buy a Clark Forklift Differential (Assembly and Parts)

The easiest and most direct way to purchase new forklift differential parts is through Solid Lift Parts. We have a large stock of forklift parts available, which of course, includes a wide range of Clark forklift differential assembly models.

You'll be able to purchase Clark forklift differential parts at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for new aftermarket, OEM parts, or used equivalents, we have you covered. In addition, Solid Lift Parts count with an excellent delivery and shipping service, so you will receive your order in a few days. Do you need more? Contact our team today. Call us at 1-800-210-8170 and learn more about our services and warranty policy.


The differential is a set of gears located on the front drives axle of both Clark electric and IC forklift models. Thanks to the differential assembly, the front drive wheels can rotate at different speeds when the truck turns a corner. The most common types of differential are "open differential," "LSD" and "locking differential." They are made of robust materials, but they need to be lubricated to perform well. When these parts fail, vibrations and turning resistance issues tend to show up. So when you need to replace one or more differential parts in your Clark forklift, don't hesitate and contact Solid Lift Part staff.

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