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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT DISTRIBUTOR parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Distributor

A Clark Forklift Distributor is an electromechanical device. During the period of an internal combustion engine, it carries out the delivery of to the spark plugs at an appropriate time. It also maintains a proper firing order while retaining the high voltage to the spark plugs which are generated by the ignition coil.


The Clark forklift distributor is mainly formed of a rotating arm which is commonly termed as a rotor. Sitting on the top of the distributor shaft inside the distributor cap, it keeps isolated from it and the main body.


Clark forklift distributor executes a number of functions. But supplying the high voltage from coil to every cylinder is its main task. The distributor cap and rotor together accomplish this vital job. Inside the distributor cap, the coil rotates while it is connected to the rotor. When the rotor spin crosses a number of contact points, a high voltage pulse is generated. While this procedure is going on, the pulse gets dispatched to the spark plug wire and consequently comes down to the spark plug positioned in the targeted cylinder.  The rotor transmits electric pulses to each of the cylinders during one complete spin cycle via the spark plugs.


Though some technical progresses have taken place to lengthen the life of a Clark forklift distributor, sometimes it may tend to malfunction because of its complicated job. If the forklift vibrates unexpectedly every now & then, the problem is obviously with the distributor. Other common problems include broken distributor cap and high frequency screechy noise when the forklift engine is about to start. Proper maintenance and routine check might be effective to prevent these problems.


Here in Solid Lift Parts Inc., we clearly understand the value of time with our customers and try our level best to give you the best buying experience as we take pride in our excellent quality & reasonable price. That’s why we offer you the best collection of the forklift parts of various brands & models. We always keep our inventory packed with all the parts and update all the information on our website. For your cost effective business, we assure you with fast delivery & speedy shipping. Our services are not confined only to selling brand new parts; we also specialize in building aftermarket forklift truck parts & Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts as well. So contact your parts specialist to choose the best model of Clark forklift distributor that suits your forklift at a very affordable price and just let us know what you are looking for, hurry up!


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