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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT FAN BLADE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Fan Blade

Quality Radiator Fan Blades for Clark Forklifts

Every Clark forklift powered by an internal combustion engine depends on a proper cooling system to function well. All components of a Clark forklift's cooling system must perform within their stated parameters to prevent the engine from overheating. And one of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure this never happens is by simply replacing the forklift's radiator fan blade when it is completely worn or broken as soon as possible. 

If your Clark forklift uses a standard cooling system to keep its engine' temperature in a safe range and you look for a new radiator fan blade for it, then you came to the right place. Solid Lift Parts is the easiest and quick way to get a new Clark forklift fan blade; for years, we have been successfully distributing and delivering spare parts from the most popular forklift brands, including Clark. If you have been looking for quality Clark forklift radiator blades, you don't have to do it any longer; Solid Lift Parts got you covered.

New Radiator Fan Blades for Clark Forklifts - Solid Lift Parts

The main job of a radiator fan blade is to blow air against the radiator core to dissipate heat from the coolant as it passes through the radiator tubes. If one of the radiator fan blades of your Clark forklift cracks or is separate from its main body, it will greatly reduce the cooling system efficiency. Most radiator fan blade failures don't happen very often, but when they do, reaching an engine overheating state is almost guaranteed.

A New Replacement Radiator Fan Blade to Keep Your Clark Forklifts Going

There are many benefits that purchasing a replacement radiator fan blade well in advance can bring you. Since most heavy-duty Clark forklifts often run for a long time in a row, it's always challenging to know when something might go wrong. Clark forklift fan blades are mostly made of plastic, so they are prone to breaking or cracking after years of use. That is why it is usually considered the element of the cooling system most susceptible to failure. But by always having a replacement radiator fan blade on hand, you will cover your back and ensure you never have to deal with frustrating setbacks.

By purchasing your new Clark forklift fan blade today, you ensure to: 

  • Change your faulty forklift radiator fan blade quickly.
  • Deal with an engine overheating situation.
  • Avoid delays in your production.
  • Prevent costly engine repairs.

When To Buy a New Clark Forklift Fan Blade

On average, properly maintained Clark forklift fan blades will last between eight to ten years; however, these measures could change from model to model depending on the work conditions and the environment. The good news is that you don't have to wait until your Clark forklift engine overheats to know if a radiator fan blade is failing. These are the most common scenarios that usually demand the replacement of the radiator fan blades.

  • Radiator fan blades are cracked or broken. When a radiator fan blade breaks or some type of crack forms on its surface, a mechanical imbalance will occur while the fan runs. Depending on how serious the damage is, it will form strong vibrations. A quick eye inspection will help you confirm the diagnosis. Even If only one of the radiator fan blades is compromised, it is best to replace the whole element.
  • One or more radiator fan blades are bent. A slight deviation in the shape of the fan blades will make the air blown toward the radiator core less effective. Consequently, the engine's temperature won't be well regulated. If this situation remains, the Clark forklift engine could overheat.
  • A rattling sound is heard when the radiator fan blade runs. This scenario is directly related to the first one. When one or more of the forklift radiator fan blades are damaged, the usual hum will be replaced with a loud knocking sound.
Faulty Clark Forklift Fan Blades

Choose the Best Radiator Fan Blade for Your Clark Forklift

Each Clark forklift fan blade comes with a specific part number. Usually, this part number is the only thing you need to match the old one with the new replacement. This part number is easier to get if you have the owner's manual for your Clark forklift model on hand. Otherwise, you will have to figure out how to avoid buying an incompatible radiator fan blade. But don't worry; by just collecting some simple information, finding a new radiator fan blade for your Clark forklift will be easy.

The Best Radiator Fan Blade For Your Clark Forklift

If you can not find the part number of your Clark forklift radiator fan blade, simply gather the following information: 

  1. Rotation. Place your old Clark forklift fan blade side down on a bench or table. To know which side your radiator fan blade rotates only have to check the fan's position. If the right side of the blades is raised, then your forklift radiator fan blade is clockwise. If it isn't, then it is counterclockwise. 
  2. Number of Blades. Simply count the number of blades. Most Clark forklift blade options range from 6 to 11 blades.
  3. Measure the Width. Face down the radiator fan blade and measure the distance from the bench/table to the highest point of an undamaged blade.
  4. Fan Diameter. Measure the overall diameter of your fan at its widest point. 
  5. Back to Back. With the front side of the radiator fan blade facing down on the table, put a tape measure through the pilot hole and measure the distance between the bottom and the fan plate in the center. 

Best Clark Forklift Fan Blades Deals

Typically, Clark forklift fan blades are relatively low-cost replacement parts. The price range for the most common sizes is from 60 to 100 dollars; however, the cost can be even higher for larger ones. In addition, there is a wide variety of options available on the market, including not only OEM (original) parts but also aftermarket ones, which makes the price fluctuate even more.

So if you want to make sure you get the most for your money, it's best to purchase your new Clark forklift fan blade from Solid Lift Parts. You won't have to worry about spending hours trying to find the best radiator fan blade for your Clark forklift; leave hard work to us. By making a simple request, our professional staff will put at your disposal the best alternatives available so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Get Your New Clark Forklift Radiator Fan Blade Today!

When you buy from Solid Lift Parts Inc, you not only guarantee to get the most out of your investment, but you also have the opportunity to have your order in your hands in less than 24 hours! How can we make this possible? Well, Solid Lift Parts has at its disposal a wide network of forklift spare parts warehouses throughout the country strategically positioned to deliver our orders in the shortest possible time. We value your time and know how frustrating it can be to not have the right part when you need it most, so if you decide to purchase your new radiator fan blade for your Clark forklift from Solid Lift Parts, we'll contact our close to you warehouse, and we will place your order the same day.

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