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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT TIRES parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Tires

Clark Forklift Tires can be of different types, sizes, shapes and categories. Some of the most common types are pneumatic, polyurethane and solid tires. Forklift tires can be mainly categorized into two types- standard and press-on.  Usually, the operating procedure of the press-on tires are very easy & these can be easily affixed onto the wheel. But the standard tires are perfect for cars and automobiles & these are widely installed onto the wheels. For the outdoor situations, the press-on tires suit perfectly on the wheels of the forklift, whereas the standard tires are perfect for the indoors.


Pneumatic tires are manufactured with the ingredients of tough rubber, which is very wear resistant. They are packed with air and look alike as the truck tires. The pneumatic tires increase the life span of the forklift, as they protect the wheels of the forklift from the ground using air cushion.  Because of the viability of the pneumatic tires, they are generally used in outdoor conditions in rough land especially in mining and construction sites.


Tires of the forklift trucks are mostly essential to ensure safety and increase the life of the forklift truck. So if the tires are damaged or worn down, they should be replaced immediately. Using damaged tires may surprise you sometimes with sudden stoppages. If the circumference of the tire starts getting smaller because of abrasion, it will affect the productivity and fuel consumption of forklift truck. Consequently, it may cause damage to the whole system. So, worn down or damaged tires should be replaced in no time to avoid any further unexpected harms.


Here in Solid Lift Parts Inc., we know how much pathetic & time consuming your experience of searching for genuine parts can be. We clearly understand the value of time with our customers. So, we always care about saving the precious time of our customers and try our level best to give you the best buying experience as we take pride in our excellent quality & reasonable price.  Our efficiency to trustfully provide our customers with different parts of all forklift trucks keep us ahead of our competitors. We are determined to build up an everlasting bond with our customers and therefore, we endeavor to enlighten you with our ingenious ideas for more economical and widespread operations. For your cost effective business, we assure you with fast delivery & speedy shipping. So, choose Clark Forklift Tires of different models at a very affordable cost. Do hurry to contact your parts specialist & order us, now!


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