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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT WATER PUMP parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Water Pump

Clark Forklift Water Pump is used for transferring water from the radiator to the engine so that the engine can be kept cool. This mechanism is done by the fan belt that is situated behind it, near the front of a forklift. At the center of the machine you will see a hollow disk which has some pipelines pointed towards multiple outlets. Between the pipelines, one pipe is connected to the radiator and another one is associated with the engine. You can also find an axle above the disk. Now let us come to a discussion about the basic principle of a water pump.


At the beginning when Clark forklift engine starts, the fan belt commences it’s function, which turns the axle to the core of the water pump. When the axle starts to turn, a suction force is created. This suction force sucks out the water from the radiator. After that, using the centrifugal force this water flows to the outdoor walls of the pump. Water drains out on the exterior wall of the pump and goes to engine block. This drained water from the block goes through the cylinder head of the engine that is transported back to the radiator for repeating the circle.


With age and over expanded use of water pump can create a number of problems that will disturb the capacity of the Clark forklift engine and hence reduce performance. The Water pump has to be maintained on a regular basis. To increase the efficiency of the water pump continuous checking and maintenance is necessary. If any problem is found in the water pump you should change it quickly because malfunctioning of water pump will cause harm to the engine. To find the authentic parts of Clark Forklift Water Pumps are very much time consuming and disturbing.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. can distribute a large scale of Clark Forklift Water Pump across the world with great buying experience. Our inventory is up-to-date on a regular basis so that you can choose your desired water pump model. We are honored to have certified and a bunch of experts at your disposal to provide you excellent quality of brand new, used and rebuilt Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as aftermarket forklift water pumps. We have our warehouses situated in North America and we can provide our products to you using the quickest shipping procedure. We provide our products at a reduced cost with your forklift parts operating with max performance.


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