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We distribute an extensive selection of DISTRIBUTOR - FITS HYSTER FORKLIFT parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Distributor - Fits Hyster Forklift

The Hyster Forklift Distributor is an electromechanical device. During the ignition cycle of the forklift engine, the vital job of supplying the spark to the spark plugs at a specific time is accomplished by the Hyster Forklift Distributor. Its another important job is supplying the high voltages to the spark plugs maintaining a perfect firing order. 

The Hyster Forklift Distributor includes a moving arm. It can be found in the distributor cap, which is located at the top of the distributor shaft.

The Hyster Forklift Distributor carries out a number of functions. When high voltage is generated in the coil, distribution of this high voltage is executed by the rotating arm and the distributor cap. The rotation of the coil occurs inside the distributor cap which is assembled with the rotating arm. A high voltage pulse is generated when the rotation of the rotating arm crosses a specific number of contact points. This pulse is then transferred to the spark plug which is established in a specific cylinder through a spark plug wire.

Some very common phenomena may indicate the malfunctions of the Hyster Forklift Distributor. Problems can be related to different components of the distributor. The ignition is definitely problematic if the forklift engine starts trembling frequently. If the distributor cap gets broken, a high frequency noise can be observed during the startup of the engine. These problems can be easily avoided by operating the Hyster Forklift Distributor with an expert hand. Regular maintenance and routine check is also essential in this regard.

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