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We distribute an extensive selection of THROTTLE BODY - FITS HYSTER FORKLIFT parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Throttle body - Fits Hyster Forklift

The Hyster Forklift Throttle Body is a necessary part of the air intake system of the forklift. Its major function is to regulate the mixture of air and fuel for perfect combustion of the engine. It conducts the air flow and thus maintains the consumption of fuel of the forklift truck.

Through the Hyster Forklift Throttle Body, the air takes entry and then passes into the intake chamber. Over there, the air gets mixed up with the fuel. Then, the mixture is directed to the combustion chamber and pushed into the cylinders for burning. The engine receives the required force to operate from the combustion of this mixture.

The Hyster Forklift Throttle Body is comprised of mass air flow sensors. They are found over the throttle body. The volume and mass of air that gets into the engine is monitored by the sensors. The system shows the exact volume and mass of the air inside and then the amount can be maintained. Thus, with the exact proportion of required air and fuel, the combustion can be balanced perfectly.

In the throttle body, there is one more sensor which controls the positioning of the valves and thus maintains the air flow. It adjusts the amount of fuel to be mixed with air and also co-ordinate with the mass air flow sensors. The sensors also monitor the speed of the opening of the valves for better acceleration and throttle response.

Continuous use of the throttle body may cause corrosion that can affect the operation of the forklift engine. So, regular maintenance is required to keep up perfect operation. Replacement should be ensured while there is an irreparable problem.

In Solid Lift Parts Inc., we give the guarantee of highly durable parts of the forklift. Customer’s satisfaction has always been the best priority of our business. Our target is to be the best option to our customers for buying the original parts and be the leader in the forklift parts industry. We believe, best pricing, availability, experience and high quality will let us achieve our long cherished dream. Our ability to deliver the best products of all forklift trucks to our customers has made us competent in the industry. So, do hurry to choose the Hyster Forklift Throttle Body at a very reasonable cost. Just let us know and we will get your product shipped right at your doorstep on time.

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