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We distribute an extensive selection of YALE - FORKLIFT STARTER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Yale - Forklift Starter

Yale Forklift starters are small engines that rotate the internal combustion engine. They are required for the forklift to start. Yale starters can be found in various forklifts. Yale forklift starters have a long lifespan and they are easy to maintain.

A starter/electromotor is an electromechanical device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy using electromagnetic forces. It is designed to use a voltage of 12 volts and a high intensity of electricity. It is a system designed to train an internal combustion engine to start. Basically, a starter is an electric motor with a small sprocket driven by a system called Bendix. The sprocket is usually up to 20 times smaller than the steering wheel that engages it precisely to provide a high torque/engagement force.

The electric motor of a vehicle (car/moped/motorcycle) is usually fixed to the engine body near the flywheel. When the ignition is switched on, the electric motor is driven by a very high electrical current (start-up intensity) at a regular voltage of 12 V. The current intensity required to move the electric motor depends on one factor. The capacity of the combustion engine to be started. The higher the engine, the higher the motor must be. Automatic will require a higher intensity, so a larger battery. The tension (in the case of passenger cars) is always the same. 12V. Motorcycles/mopeds usually only require 6V. Trucks, tractors, heavy-duty cars have very large electromotors with 24V voltages and high starting intensities. More than 800 A (amps).


Electric motors used to start vehicles only work with DC.

An electric motor consists of a stator and a rotor (the movable part). The stator (fixed part) is made up of a coil wrapped around the walls of a cylinder. In this cylinder, the rotor (the mobile part) is slipped. The swing is also made up of a coil wrapped around the extensions of a metal shaft. These two components, traversed by an electric current, generate an electromagnetic field that puts the rotor in motion.

An electromotor also contains smaller components: carbon brushes (carbon) - the component that provides electrical current to the rotor, but also offers freedom of movement, bushings for stabilization, a clutch that regulates the speed of the electric motor and a solenoid.

The solenoid is the part electromechanically engaging the starter. The solenoid has the role of ensuring the contact between the electromotor pinion and the steering wheel to be engaged. Also, the solenoid has the role of moving the whole assembly due to the electrical contact it makes/closes when the key is in action.


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