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We distribute an extensive selection of YALE - FORKLIFT THROTTLE BODY parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Yale - Forklift Throttle Body

Yale forklift throttle body allows for a good and smooth connection between the throttle pedal and the engine. Yale throttle bodies are built from quality materials. They are durable and will last a long time in the forklift.

The throttle body is not a part of the engine that is part of the parts category requiring periodic maintenance, but when defective it can cause some problems, which fortunately can have a simple solution (cleaning it). Before that, you need to know what the throttle body is, and when it needs cleaning.

The throttle body is an electronic device that operates, as the name calls it, the throttle. All modern cars have this device. Pressing the accelerator pedal sends a signal to the onboard computer, which in turn activates the throttle. The role of the throttle is to control the amount of air entering the engine.


Throttle body

As said above, the throttle controls the engine speeds by adjusting the flow of air entering the intake manifold. Inside the throttle body there is a small electric motor that closes and opens the throttle. In addition to accelerator pedal response, the throttle still has an important function. For most cars, the throttle keeps the engine idling (idle speed) steady.

When your vehicle stands still and you expect the red traffic light, the engine runs at a low speed, around 600-900 rpm. To keep the engine steady as fast as possible, the throttle body keeps the throttle open at a small angle, and adapts it steadily, depending on the conditions.

With time passes, carbon deposits and misery accumulate on the throttle and on its body, preventing it from working properly. In such cases, the throttle may remain locked in the closed position, resulting in lack of power, a delayed throttle response, or unstable idle speed. On some vehicle models, when this happens, the "Check Engine" light can light up on the board indicating a problem.

If, after a diagnosis, it is established that the throttle body is dirty and is the main problem, a car mechanic can clean this component. It is usually a cleaning of the throttle body with a special cleaning solution so the dirt deposits are removed and the throttle plate can work smoothly. Some vehicles need a calibration of the throttle immediately after the cleaning process.


Cleaning the throttle body

Dismantling, cleaning and re-mounting the throttle body is not an expensive operation, and its price may vary between 100 and 200 lei, depending on the complexity and location of the component. Many are wondering how many miles the body of the accleration flap should be cleaned. There is no specification about this operation. Typically, the throttle body is cleansed when the car starts to exhibit some of the symptoms listed above, or following a computer diagnosis that indicates the failure of this component.

Checking the throttle body can be done with a simple visual inspection. Although cleaning it is a simple operation, if it is not performed correctly, the throttle body may be damaged. Therefore, we recommend that you always use the services of an authorized engineer or workshop for such an intervention.


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