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We distribute an extensive selection of YALE - FORKLIFT TORQUE CONVERTER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Yale - Forklift Torque Converter

The Yale Forklift Torque Converter is in the forklift transmission system. This mechanical part takes the rotational power generated by the engine to the transmission to allow the forklift to operate in good conditions.

Its role is taken up by a torque transformer that transmits the gear to the gearbox via the transmission oil. The torque value passing through the inverter varies depending on the engine speed. It will be lower if the engine is idling and rises as we increase engine speed. The torque converters of the current boxes can multiply the torque by two or three times.

The operating principle is similar to the motion transmitted through the air by two front-facing fans, one of which is turned on.

The torque converter offers the advantage of automatically releasing the engine from the gearbox at low engine speed and engine torque boost, but also has the disadvantage of fluid flow transmission, resulting in energy losses due to friction produced. To alleviate this shortcoming, the current boxes are provided with a clutch that is driven at a certain speed (generally 20-25 km / h), creating a mechanical link between the components of the hydroconverter. Further, the clutch will only be unlocked when changing gears and reducing travel speed.

From a constructive point of view, the automatic gearbox with torque converter is much more complex than the manual gearbox, including a set of planetary gear units with clutches and multidrive brakes. In particular, gear shifting is accomplished by staring in planetary gears, clutches designed to equalize their rotation speeds, and multidrive brakes to lock them in place. The entire process is controlled by the electronic command unit.


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