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We distribute an extensive selection of YALE - FORKLIFT WATER PUMP parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Yale - Forklift Water Pump

The water pump is a vital component of the engine cooling system. Yale forklifts are equipped with quality water pumps that ensure a smooth cooling process. Yale water pumps are great because they are reliable and resistant. Yale forklift water pumps have proven to work constantly even under the highest loads.

Think of the water pump as the heart of a vehicle's cooling system. Its role is to constantly travel the engine coolant through the cooling system, starting from the radiator to the engine and back. if the water pump ceases to carry out this work, the entire cooling system will cede. in this case, the vehicle will become warm and the engine may suffer serious damage as a result of overheating.

The water pump is fed by the motor current. Some work with a belt and a pulley, others with a drive mechanism or chain. This power is transferred to a shaft on which a centrifugal compressor rotor is located. The centrifugal compressor rotor rotates and travels the coolant in the same way a propeller moves the water or air in a ship or plane. The centrifugal compressor shaft and rotor rotates on a tight pivot, and this pivot is the cooling pump component that typically changes due to friction wear.


Warning signals

Fortunately, a water pump that is going to give up will have coolant escapes. It may also produce noise when the pivot rotates. Symptoms of a faulty water pump are coolant spills directly from the water pump or the area around the engine. A damp engine or the presence of coolant along the exhaust manifold below the water pump is a sure sign of an inevitable occurrence of a water pump failure. Since a water pump may or may not work, replacing it is a necessity or a way of preventive maintenance. if the water pump shows minor or massive leakage, it is obvious that it should be replaced. On the other hand, since quite often a large part of the cooling system or the engine itself has to be removed to have access to the water pump, replacing it with the adjacent systems could be a smart maneuver.


Increasing the difficulty gradually

Some water pumps are relatively easy to access and can be repaired with manual tools and mechanical knowledge. Others are well integrated into the engine, which requires professional help. Water pumps that take current from the distribution belt or the chain of distribution are usually located inside the engine and are best replaced when another component is repaired and vice versa.

Another ideal moment for replacing the water pump is when the cooling system is targeted for a general repair such as replacing or removing the radiator since the first step in replacing the water pump is to cool the cooling medium. Making a water pump repair is easier when the radiator is removed for a better view of the workspace.


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