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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT MUFFLER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Muffler

Mufflers or silencers are used to control exhaust noise from the forklift engine. In general, the terms muffler and silencer are not technically different and hence are used conversely. The name silencer has been conventionally used to refer devices that are used for noise depletion, and muffler is a smaller device that helps in reducing exhaust noise from the engine. Clark forklift trucks are always built with genuine spare parts, which the company manufactures in its parts distribution center in Kentucky. This article will discuss more about Clark forklift mufflers and important information you should know about the same.

Features and Benefits

Exhaust mufflers are used in forklift trucks because of these features and benefits:

  • Reduced backpressure: Enables efficient performance of the engine and offers improved fuel economy.
  • Most Clark forklift mufflers are designed to be light in weight, which is known to minimize vibration and stress on the exhaust system.
  • The material used to build forklift mufflers is usually aluminized steel because it happens to be corrosion resistant and also offers extended service life.
  • Certain models of Clark forklift mufflers also come with high temperature paint, which makes it even more resistant to corrosion.

Clark forklift mufflers suiting your budget are available at Solid Lift Parts. The external features that distinguish these mufflers include:

  • Muffler shape, which will usually be oval or round.
  • Materials used to build the muffler.
  • Configurations or style of the muffler.

Some of the internal distinguishing features include:

  • Position, quantity and size of internal tubes and baffles.
  • Wrapped or unwrapped.
  • Insulation decreases the heat radiated by the system, reduces the temperature of the exterior shell, and decreases high frequency and noise.

Materials Used

Clark forklift exhaust systems are made of many different materials. As the price, corrosion resistance, and strength of these materials vary from one another, a specific material would be recommended for usage in a particular component or application. Following are some of the most widely used materials, their uses and qualities:

  • Stainless steel: Available with aluminized coating as well. This material is used in mufflers, tubing, and emission devices, and is stronger and corrosion resistant.
  • Aluminized steel: Used in mufflers, this material is corrosion resistant.
  • Galvanized: Relatively less costly and can withstand up to 600oF.

How to select the right muffler for your Clark lift truck engine?

You should first find out your Clark lift truck engine’s exhaust flow and permissible backpressure of the exhaust system. To obtain this information, you can contact your forklift engine manufacturer or simply read the manual provided by Clark. You can also calculate your engine’s CFM by simply multiplying its horsepower with 2.5.

Once you obtain this value, choose a muffler style. Different muffler styles include:

  • End inlet, end outlet, on center.
  • End inlet, end outlet, offset.
  • Side inlet, end outlet.
  • Dual end inlet, end outlet.
  • End inlet, side outlet.
  • Same end inlet and outlet.
  • Side inlet, side outlet.

After choosing the muffler style, you should select the right inlet diameter, which should be equal to or below your CFM and permissible level of backpressure.

Remember, mufflers are vital for the performance of your Clark forklift truck. This is because as it reduces the exhaust sound, additional backpressure may be created on the exhaust flow. And when backpressure increases, performance of the truck engine will automatically go down. To prevent this, you can choose to use a large muffler, which would balance the high backpressure along with maintaining long term performance of the engine.

If you will be using your Clark forklift outdoors, then make sure that the muffler you choose has the following characteristics:

  • Constructed with aluminized steel.
  • Slotted connections for inlet and outlet.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Can be installed or mounted in any desired position.

Design and Performance

Any muffler you choose for your Clark lift trucks should be designed and certified by taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Depletion: Depletion, in the case of forklift exhaust systems, means decrease in the level of sound calculated in a forklift engine with a muffler and without a muffler. This sound will be measured in decibels. Conventional muffler designs reduce noise by making use of insulation, baffles, expansion chambers and tubes. However, modern applications are installed with devices that are good in reducing emissions, in the exhaust system.
  • Backpressure: Backpressure can be defined as the pressure or power required in making gasses flow via the exhaust system. It is one of the prime factors to consider when selecting the right muffler for your Clark forklift truck. If you wish to obtain optimum performance from your lift truck engine, then you should install a muffler that reduces backpressure. To reduce backpressure, remember to avoid long tube length, unexpected contractions and tubes with small diameters.
  • Structural: Structural durability of the muffler is another factor to consider. Some of the major sub-components required to improve a muffler’s structure include material used, weight, mounting support and position.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can choose a reliable and highly performing muffler from Solid Lift Parts. We offer not only OEM parts, but also remanufactured or rebuilt Clark forklift parts of highest quality.


Additional Notes (02-10-2015) - 


The forklift mufflers are one of the most common accessories of the exhaust system. The main function of the Clark Forklift Mufflers is to control the noise & reduce the sound pollution generated by the forklift engine.


The formation of the Clark Forklift Mufflers is basically comprised of four elements- outlet, inlet, perforations & the resonator chamber. As the center tube makes way for the gases, the sound waves pass through it. As soon as they get inside, they will brag back & get reflected by the muffler. Thus the Clark Forklift Mufflers manage to reduce the noise.


The Clark Forklift Mufflers can be of three types. The Spiral Baffle muffler is generally found in LGP trucks and regular size gasoline vehicles, Vector Muffler is widely utilized in diesel engines and the Aero Turbine muffler is an efficient muffler to draw the fumes out of the combustion chambers.


There are some benefits for why the Clark Forklift Mufflers are used. These grant improved fuel efficiency and make the performance of the engine better. These are low in weight and thus reduces the vibration and tension on the exhaust system. The mufflers are built of aluminized coating and prevent the corrosion to lengthen the life. Some of the models are with paint of high temperature, which makes the mufflers more corrosion resistant.


Before buying Clark Forklift Mufflers, some factors should be considered. You need to check the exhaust system with and without the muffler to understand the decrease in noise using the muffler. To get the best performance from your engine, a muffler should be installed that minimizes backpressure. Structural ability is another factor that needs to be considered.


Here in Solid Lift Parts Inc., we have a very skilled team with a good number of trained forklift parts specialists. We are committed to giving you the best experience of buying forklift parts. We clearly understand the value of time with our customers. So, we always care about saving the precious time of our customers and try our level best to give you the best buying experience as we take pride in our excellent quality & reasonable price.  Our efficiency to trustfully provide our customers with different parts of all forklift trucks keep us ahead of our competitors. We are determined to build up an everlasting bond with our customers and therefore, we endeavor to enlighten you with our ingenious ideas for more economical and widespread operations. So, choose Clark Forklift Mufflers  of different models at a very affordable cost.


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