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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT AERIAL PLATFORM parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Aerial Platform

It is an attachment to a Clark Forklift machine, which enables the housing for the operator. It also maintains the safety of the operator and it can be elevated to any height. The machine consists of a bucket which is attached by a lifting machine. In the Clark Forklift Aerial Platform the lifting machine is controlled by hydraulic system or telescopic system, which raises or lowers the bucket to a required height. There are two ways to control the system and one is already installed in the bucket. This lift mechanism can be operated by diesel or electric engine.


The uses of Aerial platform are increasing day by day. The Clark aerial lift machine enables to work in a tightly held place. It can be used in fixing up electrical wires placed way above your reach. It is also being used in the mining field.


By time, there has been significant change in the design of Aerial Platform. They are being utilized in warehouses for transporting loads in higher place. A very large and special type of aerial lift is used in fire fighting to reach the highest part of the fire covered area. A Clark forklift aerial platform is equipped with tools and specialized apparatus as per requirement. Using this type of lifting machine boosts the working speed and enables doing a variety of tasks. In recent years, Aerial platform is being equally used in both indoor and outdoor.


The benefit of using a Aerial platform is its lighter size. Nowadays, most of the man buckets are mounted with scissor lifts, which enables the vertical movement only. Since it is meant to perform time bearing job, it is widely used in the Forklift Aerial Platforms.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. is the world leading store of forklift parts. Our business motto is to make our customer satisfy with our service. We would like to build an everlasting relationship with our customers. We are determined to make your buying experience enjoyable and hassle free. We have a specialist team, which is working on it. All of the parts are certified by the specialist. We have a store which consists of six millions of small and large parts of forklift engine. If you have any problem with your existing forklift part, come to us. We are able to handle with any sort of forklift part. We offer you a reasonable price and speedy shipment of your product. So, Contact with your forklift specialist today, and order for your parts.


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