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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT AIR FILTER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Air Filter

Clark forklift trucks are being used all across the world for different industrial applications. Like any other equipment, lift trucks also have parts that are vital for its consistent operation, and one such critical part is the air filter. Though the company has factories located in China and South Korea, the parts distribution center of Clark Material Handling Company is located in Louisville, Kentucky to cater the needs of its North American customers. Before discussing about where you can get your parts from, you should first know the importance of an air filter for your forklift truck.

Air is pivotal for the operation of a Clark forklift engine. The engine’s type and horsepower will help determine the amount of air it requires for proper functioning. The engine manufacturer, in this case Clark, will decide on the specification or requirement of airflow. If you wish to change or upgrade your Clark forklift’s air system, you should get these specifications from the manufacturer.

Forklift air filter or air cleaner is basically a device that eliminates particles or contaminants present in the airflow as it gets to the vehicle’s engine.

Terms to Know

Here are some terms pertinent to air filters which you should know:

  • Filter media: This refers to the air filter’s material that eliminates the particles or contaminants.
  • Primary filter: This is the first major filter present in the air cleaner that eliminates almost all of the floating contaminants, because the air will first flow via this filter.
  • Safety filter: Also known as the secondary filter, this one serves as an alternative, safeguarding the forklift engine, when the primary filter undergoes a service or is leaking.
  • Single stage air cleaner: This type of air cleaner does not use a pre-cleaner, but just uses the primary filter to remove particles in the air.
  • Two stage air cleaner: This cleaner makes use of a pre-cleaner as well as the primary filter to eliminate contaminants.
  • Pre-cleaner: This is a device that uses either centrifugal or inertial force to eliminate a part of the floating contaminants before they reach the filter.

Filter Media

The filter media of your Clark forklift air system can improve engine power greatly.

  • Cellulose filter media: This conventional filter media type is still used in most air filters, in both single and two stage air cleaner systems.
  • Vibration resistant filter media: The base material of this media is cellulose. This type of filter media offers optimum air filtration and endures even high vibration circumstances that would otherwise usually damage other types of filter media.
  • Safety filter media: This type of filter media comprises of two categories: pleated and non-pleated. The former category is built for air filter systems that will be used in heavy duty applications where the velocity of air flow will be high. The latter category is made of a synthetic base and is built for systems used in light to medium duty applications.
  • Flame retardant filter media: The cellulose base of this filter media is exclusively processed for being used in forklift trucks operated in applications where there are greater fire hazards.

Air Filter Cleaning

If you wish to reduce your operating costs, you may clean and reuse your Clark forklift air filters. But before you do so, following are some factors you should consider:

  • Most air filter manufacturers do not usually recommend cleaning of forklift air filters because with every cleaning process, the filter’s particles holding capacity is known to diminish from 20 to 40 percent.
  • Try to replace your air filter rather than repairing or reusing the old one.
  • When you clean the filter, dirt from one side is most likely to reach the other side. In addition, usage of compressed air or water while cleaning may damage the filter.
  • If your filter is already damaged, do not even think about cleaning and reusing it.
  • Safety filters should never be cleaned. Replacement is the best solution for this type.

Frequent cleaning of your Clark forklift air filter would reduce the engine’s life, increasing service time, cost and material. Also, the engine will get contaminated because of:

  • Damaged filter caused by redundant handling;
  • Increased incompetence;
  • Erroneous filter installation.

Servicing the Air Filter

You can service the air filter or air cleaner only after it reaches the highest point of restriction instated by Clark. If you service the filter simply based on your observation, you would end up over-servicing it, which will damage the engine and reduce its service life.

Whenever you are in need of brand new, high quality and genuine Clark forklift air filter to replace your old one, Solid Lift Parts is the best provider you can rely on.


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