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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT ALTERNATOR parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Alternator

Clark forklift alternator manufacturing unit, its product line, technical specifications of Clark forklift alternator, troubleshooting techniques etc. would be discussed in detail throughout this article.

Clark Alternator – Materials Distribution Center

Clark forklift alternators are provided to forklift users located all over the country from their main Materials Distribution Center located in Louisville, Kentucky. Clark distributes their parts to various dealers located in different countries. Forklift owners would be able to purchase the equipment from their nearby Clark dealer and also from our trusted website, Solid Lift Parts. Clark Forklifts manufacture high quality products to its consumers mainly for reducing the costs associated with forklift maintenance and enhance the lifetime of forklift trucks. All the original Clark forklift parts bought in the country would be distributed from this facility only.

Clark Forklift Alternator

  • Forklift alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Alternator is also referred in many cases to an AC electric generator, which also performs similar function.
  • Forklift alternators are powered by internal combustion engines of Clark forklifts. Alternators can also perform their function by way of electric current.
  • Higher turbo power alternators can be found in power stations. In this case, the alternator would be driven by steam turbines.
  • Alternator conductor would produce electric current whenever the magnetic field revolving around the conductor changes.
  • Rotating magnet termed as rotor would revolve around couple of fixed conductors, which would be wound in coils.
  • Stator is an iron core and this is where the coils would be located.
  • When a magnetic field cuts across the conductor, electromagnetic force, shortly known as EMF, would be generated and this force would make the rotor to rotate.
  • Rotating magnetic field formed in the rotor would result in the occurrence of AC voltage in the stator windings.
  • Stator windings would be distributed in the form of 3 sets and this is mainly to generate a 3 phase electric current.
  • 3 phase electric current generated in the 3 sets of stator windings would be displayed from one another by one-third of a period.
  • Brushless alternators can also be found in the market. In this type of alternator, there exist brushes and slip rings. These two would work together with either a permanent magnet or rotor windings to induce an electromagnetic field.
  • Brushless AC generators can be seen in Heavy Duty forklift trucks.
  • Rotor magnetic field would be induced with the help of fixed field windings and moving rotor poles.
  • In the case of automotive alternators, the rotor windings would control the voltage generated by the alternator.
  • Control over the generated voltage is established by the varying current in the rotor field winding.
  • With the existence of permanent magnets over rotor windings, magnetizing current generated within rotor would avoid losses.
  • Alternators that use permanent magnets would be costly when compared to other types of alternators.
  • Another advantage of using permanent magnet is that, generator speed would be directly proportional to the terminal voltage. Existence of this state is because of the constant permanent magnetic field.

Clark forklift alternators should be chosen based on the material need. Choosing a wrong alternator for your Forklift would lead to problems. This might damage the alternator itself and also the other components associated with it. Factories should employ highly qualified forklift professionals. Only a qualified forklift professional would be able to operate the lift efficiently and also would be able to find out the problems associated with the forklift in case of operation failure. If there is a problem with the working of an alternator, the operator should find out whether the problem is really with the alternator or its components. Alternator failure might also occur if there is a problem with other parts such as battery, cable or alternator circuit etc. Before going for outright alternator replacement, it is mandatory to find out the exact problem with the forklift. Proceed only after knowing the exact results or else the company might end up losing valuable money, time and even quality products.

Where to buy forklift Alternators

Clark Forklift Alternators can be bought from Solid Lift Parts at the best price. We even offer same day shipping to various parts of North America. Alternators are available for different types of Clark forklifts such as Diesel Clark forklifts, Electric, LPG and Gas. Products shipped belong to the Clark manufacturing unit and so, all the products purchased from us are genuine and reliable. Long life, limited service period, zero maintenance etc. can be achieved by factories. All the products come with standard 1 year manufacturer warranty and quality assurance is provided by our company.

Finding a suitable Clark Forklift Alternator is not easy due to the complex nature of the machinery on the whole. Matching Clark forklift alternators for your forklift are listed in our website to make the job easy for our buyers. Large inventory of all the wide varieties of products are enlisted in our website. Thus, buyers can find all at one place.


Additional Notes (02-10-2015) - 


Clark Forklift Alternator is an integral component of a forklift engine. This is an electro-mechanical device that is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.


The Clark forklift alternator is energized by the internal combustion engines of the Clark Forklifts. Usually it is connected with a starter motor. Its main function is to recharge the battery. When the engine is in its operation, it energizes the electrical system.


A Clark forklift alternator’s operating procedure is quite complicated. When the magnetic field revolves, electric current is produced by the alternator conductor. This rotating motor is termed as a rotor. It spins around a couple of fixed conductors which are wound in coils. The coils set in an iron core which is termed as the stator. EMF (Electromagnetic force) rotates the rotor which is produced when a magnetic field cuts across the conductor. The revolving magnetic field will create an AC voltage in the windings of the stator. Being divided into 3 sets, the stator windings produce 3 phase electric current. It will be displayed from one another for one- third of the total period.


It is quite necessary to check the materials before choosing a Clark forklift alternator. Installing a wrong alternator will not only cause damage to itself, but also create problems for the other elements associated with it. The problems can be either with the alternator or else with the battery, cable or even circuit. So if any problem is found, first the operator must detect the problem before going for replacement. So qualified forklift professionals should be employed who can operate the forklift skillfully and also find out the problems in case of operation failure.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. is committed to giving you the best experience of buying forklift parts. So, we always care about saving the precious time of our customers and try our level best to give you the best buying experience as we take pride in our excellent quality & reasonable price. With our highly qualified and trained forklift parts specialists, we assure you with the best quality and ensure every single part of different models of a forklift for our customers. We have the largest collection of forklift parts varies from different brands and models. We have a reputation to keep, so we avoid all sorts of business activities that can harm that reputation. Here we welcome you to choose a Clark forklift alternator of different models at a very affordable cost. So contact your parts specialist to choose the best & order us!


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