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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT DRIVE AXLE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Drive Axle

Clark forklift trucks are being used in different industries for varied materials handling needs. If you own a fleet of Clark forklifts, then you should be well aware of the important forklift parts, including the drive axle, to ascertain that the trucks are always in best condition.

In general, there are two different axle types that are in use now: the drive axle (live axle) and the dead axle. Clark forklift drive axle’s purpose is to transmit the torque arriving from the forklift engine, differential, drive shaft, and transmission to the wheels, moving the truck forward or backward. The wheel end is mounted to the axle housing using kingpins, enabling it to move sideways. The kingpin is supported at its top and bottom by the steering knuckle. A tie-rod links one steering knuckle to the other, and its ends remain threaded to enable wheel alignment. Engine power moves via the differential and reaches the exterior axle shaft by way of the axle shaft joint to make the wheels drive.

Drive Axle Components

Some components you can find in the Clark forklift drive axle are:

  • Ring gear
  • Side gear
  • Side pinion
  • Side gear thrust washer
  • Pinion pilot bearing
  • Pinion
  • Inner pinion bearing cone
  • Inner pinion bearing cup
  • Pinion bearing spacer
  • Pinion cage
  • Pinion cage shim
  • Outer pinion bearing cup
  • Outer pinion bearing cone
  • Pinion roll pin
  • Jam nut
  • Carrier cap bolt
  • Plain half carrier cap
  • Front carrier or D head carrier
  • Thrust bolt
  • Plain half bearing adjuster
  • Side gear thrust washer
  • Side pinion thrust washer
  • Flange half bearing cup
  • Flange half bearing cone
  • Flange half carrier cap
  • Output shaft
  • Output yoke
  • Inner bearing cup
  • Outer bearing cup
  • Inter-axle differential
  • Helical side gear
  • Input shaft
  • Power divider cover

and a lot more.

Preventing Drive Axle Failure

Following are some general points pertinent to Clark forklift truck attainment, application and maintenance you should focus on to prevent drive axle failure:

  • Operating practices: proper forklift training along with right handling of equipment.
  • Appropriate specifications: the drive axle should be coordinated with the anticipated road conditions and load.
  • Adjustment, repair and maintenance: special attention to lubrication is necessary.

Importance of Proper Lubrication

People who repair and service Clark forklift trucks should thoroughly understand the significance of having to follow the maintenance processes as briefed by the manufacturer. Using a wrong lubricant has accounted in a lot of drive axle failures in the past, which also reduced the service life of components. All such failures can be averted by practicing right maintenance procedures pertinent to the selection and usage of lubricants. Improper maintenance of lubrication levels in Clark forklift drive axles can greatly affect the service life of gears and bearings, causing destructive breakdowns. Even if the forklift truck is designed and operated in best possible standards, improper maintenance can still lead to premature wear of drive axle components. Sometimes, damages may take place even after using the right lubricants. This could be because of improper servicing intervals that do not match the truck’s application. Generally, drive axle lubricants comprise of the following functions:

  • Provide quick and sufficient lubrication, decreasing friction amidst rolling and sliding surfaces.
  • Eliminate wear and dust from all high friction areas, including the bearings.
  • Eliminate excessive heat in high friction areas and maintain right temperatures.

There are three general areas that are usually responsible for the damage of drive axle components, if and when it occurs:

  • Low levels of lubrication.
  • Contaminated lubricant.
  • Use of inappropriate lubricant.

It is important that you perform regular maintenance of your Clark forklift trucks based on the instructions you receive from your manufacturer. Synthetic lubricants are the most widely recommended for lift trucks, as they are known to improve forklift service intervals considerably. While synthetic lubricants can be expensive initially, they can be relatively less costly in the long run.

Right contemplation of the drive axle with respect to the forklift and application type is extremely essential to avert axle breakdown. The drive axle you choose must be strong enough to endure the weight of a fully loaded lift truck in operation. All of its components, including the housing, bearings, and gears should meet the following requirements:

  • Transfer the load. The drive axle should not only support the lift truck when it is unloaded, but also when it is fully loaded.
  • Endure the torque stress generated by the forklift engine, which the drive train will further amplify.
  • Endure the shock force and impact stress generated by forklift operation and surface conditions.


Proper and regular maintenance is necessary to attain the maximum service life of your forklift’s drive axle. And as discussed earlier, the most vital aspect pertinent to proper maintenance is appropriate lubrication because lack of or improper lubrication will greatly damage the drive axle and its components’ life. In order to enjoy the benefits lubrication has to offer, remember to:

  • Use the right lubricant.
  • Replace lubricant at stated intervals.
  • Make sure the lubricant is always at its desired level.
  • Remove metallic particles or dust from the drain plug by cleaning it periodically.
  • Clean the strainers and filters at regular intervals, and also keep them filled with the right synthetic lubricant.

Additionally, replacement of all defective or damaged drive axle components is required to achieve good overall life of the axle. Inexpensive components like bushings, seals and washers can be replaced often to avoid major damage. If you are looking to replace such parts of your Clark lift trucks, contact us to obtain best performing parts.


Additional Notes (30-09-2015) - 


When the engine power is transmitted to the wheel, the vehicle moves. The Clark Forklift Drive Axle is the component, which does exactly that transmission via a differential gearbox. It is located at the rear gear housing and it is connected to both of the wheel. The Drive Axle is completely covered by steel.


The Clark forklift Drive Axle is categorized into two types, which are named as the live and dead axle. A live axle is connected with two wheels and it helps to rotate the wheel. On the contrary, Dead axle can carry out the load, but it cannot rotate the wheel. The drive axle, which can turn the wheel is called steerable drive axle. It can be found on the front part of the wheel. On the other hand, the drive axle that cannot turn the wheel is known as non-steerable drive axle. It is mostly installed in the rear wheel. In four wheeler forklift truck both drive axle is steerable. Mainly heavy duty trucks are four wheeled.


Over 90 years, Clark forklift trucks are serving all over the world. This brand has a unique design in every part. Most of their truck uses steerable drive axle in both front and rear wheels. This enables their truck to perform a sharp turn.


The Axle is a cylindrical shaped rod which is connected to the wheel and the wheel is connected to the body of the vehicle. The axle is connected to the wheel by a constant velocity joint, which makes the shaft rotate.


As the drive axle is subjected to friction, wear and corrosion may take place. That time axle should be replaced with the help of a specialist. Solid Lift Parts Inc. is your forklift specialist. If you have any problem regarding your forklift Drive Axle, then come to us. We have over millions of parts waiting for you. I bet you will definitely find your forklift Axle in our store. What we care most is maintaining the quality of our product. For achieving this objective, we have a specialist team, which working to moderate our products. We want to build up a relationship with our customers. We offer you the cheapest rate of forklift parts. We are working to save your time while buying forklift parts. That’s why we have a group of employees who will help to find your desired parts. Order us and your product will be on the way right now.


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