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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT STEER CYLINDER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Steer Cylinder

Purpose of Clark Forklift Steer cylinder, its parts and specifications are explained in detail along with a proper buyer’s guide.

Clark Forklift Steer cylinder – Purpose

The main purpose of a steer cylinder would be to direct the truck in the direction you want the truck to go. Without proper steer cylinder operation, there could be havoc in the factory. Periodic maintenance of steer cylinder is mandatory. For example, if the steer cylinder fails to operate while loading, unloading or transporting a heavy component from one location to another, then one can imagine the damage it might create to the workforce and the product being handled. Steering column should be checked periodically and if there is a need for replacement of steer cylinder, make sure you buy from genuine parts from Solid Lift Parts.

Clark Steer cylinder

Steer cylinder would differ across different manufacturers and also across different models manufactured by a single manufacturer. Length of the steer cylinder would be the major difference across all the wide variety of Forklifts. Certain models might have a lengthy Steer cylinder, while certain other models would have a short steer cylinder. Clark steer cylinder is provided to factories located in different States by authorized dealers of Clark Forklifts and parts. You can also get your Clark forklift parts from our website anytime you need, and have them delivered to you at the earliest.

Steer Cylinder – Technical specification

  • Forklift steer cylinder is the main working component of the forklift engine or pump.
  • Piston travels within this cylinder.
  • In an engine block, there exist a lot of cylinders located close to one another. All these cylinders work together in the operation of an engine block.
  • Steer cylinders are manufactured using either cast iron or aluminum. With proper machine work or upgrade, the product would look more sophisticated for proper functioning.
  • Sleeveless cylinders can also be found in certain forklifts.
  • Most of the Steer cylinders would have wear or rust resistant coating applied to it. This application can only be seen in case of sleeveless steer cylinders. Coating material used would be Nikasil.
  • Sleeved steer cylinders would have a hard metal coating on the outer end.
  • Swept volume or displacement of steer cylinder is calculated using the formula, stroke multiplied by square of half bore by pi.
  • Stoke is nothing but a value pertaining to the distance travelled by the piston within the steer cylinder.
  • Square of half bore by pi indicates the cross sectional area of the cylinder.
  • Now that we know how to calculate the displacement of a single cylinder, the displacement of the complete engine block can be calculated by multiplying the displacement value of a single cylinder by the total number of cylinders in the engine block.
  • Every single steer cylinder would be fitted with a piston. This piston is seated within the cylinder by using multiple piston metal rings that are fitted on the exterior surface in the form of grooves.
  • Generally, for compressed sealing, two metal piston rings are used and for oil sealing, one piston ring is used.
  • Piston rings fitted on the piston would make contact with the steer cylinder wall. The contact would be smoothened through lubrication oil that runs on the cylinder walls. This applies to both sleeved and sleeveless cylinders.
  • Lubrication oil ensures long life of the steer cylinder walls since wear and tear would be completely minimized. Engine would be prevented from seizing too. Long term durability can be obtained.
  • Steer cylinders are machined to larger diameters. Larger diameter is just to ensure that the cylinder receives new grooves and piston rings.

Purchase quality Clark forklift steer cylinder

Buy Clark forklift steer cylinder from us online and the product would be shipped to your address on the same day. We provide quality assurance, delivery assurance and payment is hassle free.


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