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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT THROTTLE BODY parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Throttle Body

What Does a Clark Forklift Throttle Body Do?

A Clark forklift throttle body assembly is a mechanical device that controls or regulates how much air enters the engine of a Clark forklift. This device is usually located between the intake air filter and the intake manifold. When you press down your Clark forklift's gas pedal, the valve inside the throttle body opens, and let air flow into the engine. The internal valve can be activated by a throttle cable connected to the gas pedal or by the forklift's engine control module (ECM). 

The throttle body of a Clark lift truck it will be located between the intake air filter piping and the intake manifold

A Clark forklift throttle body assembly is somewhat analogous to the carburetor of those Clark lift trucks that use non-injected engines, although it is important to remember that a Clark throttle body assembly is not the same thing as a throttle. This is important to mention because Clark forklifts with carbureted engines also have throttle parts. 

After getting into the throttle body, the air is refined by an assembly which further leads it to the intake manifold. Then the air gets mixed with the fuel in an exact proportion which is later directed to the cylinders for proper combustion. The energy produced through this combustion process operates the engine.

To check the volume and mass of the air intake of the engine, there is a sensor established on the top of the throttle bodies termed as mass air flow sensor. The system provides all the information of the air flow, which facilitate to keep the combustion process perfect and balanced. 

The emplacement of the valves and also the air flow are controlled by a different sensor. To ensure the proper mixture of air and fuel, this sensor works along with the mass air flow sensor. It also maintains the opening speed of the valves and controls the proportion of the fuel in the composition. Thus, it works for better acceleration and throttle response.

As the time passes with the increment of the usage, the performance of the Clark Forklift Throttle Body may deteriorate. Frequent use may cause abrasion to the throttle body, which resultantly cause the forklift engine not to serve perfectly. So, it needs regular maintenance and regular inspection for improved performance. If malfunctioning occurs, it should be replaced immediately.

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