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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT BRAKE SHOES parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Brake Shoes

The Clark forklift brake system assists protecting the lives of the lift truck operator as well as passersby, and hence, it happens to be one of the most critical systems in the vehicle in ensuring safety. This is why the braking system of Clark lift trucks is necessary to offer uniform high performance in all the different models of forklift and aerial lift trucks. In this piece of article, we shall discuss about brake shoes in detail.

In general, brake systems are of two basic types: disc brakes and drum brakes. Both these types reduce the speed of lift trucks and bring them to halt by using hydraulic pistons for applying pressure on brake shoes or brake pads, so they press against brake drums or disc rotors that spin with the wheels.

Brake shoes help in slowing down and stopping the lift truck by applying pressure to the brake drums. Genuine Clark brake shoes are designed to endure corrosion, thus guarding other components from the same.

All Clark forklift models are originally equipped with genuine Clark brake shoes. This brake component is specifically designed for your lift truck, taking into account important characteristics like lift truck’s weight, forklift engine’s performance, and forklift usage. By making sure that your brake shoes are made of appropriate material and maintaining quality of high standards, you can obtain the following safety and performance outcomes:

  • Superior braking effect.
  • Extended service life on account of outstanding resistance to wear.
  • Superior fade resistance.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Right use of material protects brake drums and disc rotors from damage.

Genuine brake shoes manufactured by Clark and available at Solid Lift Parts possess: excellent resistance to heat and wear. The former feature ascertains balanced braking even at different temperature ranges, while the latter ascertains extends service life, bringing down maintenance costs.

When you equip your Clark forklift truck with inferior brake shoes:

  • Braking effect will be considerably reduced because of extreme temperatures caused by applying the brake on rough surfaces, continuous braking and wetness.
  • Wear resistance would become poor and will further damage the brake drums and disc rotors.
  • Your forklift brake would start producing annoying noise.

Replacing Brake Shoes

Clark forklift brake shoes should be examined periodically, and should be replaced with genuine parts if there is a necessity.

Here are some clues that will help you determine whether your Clark forklift’s brake shoes require replacements:

  • Squeaking of brakes.
  • Dragging.
  • Pulling to a particular side.

If you wish to know the specific periods for inspecting your forklift brake system, read your Clark owner’s manual. In order to prevent the forklift brakes from pulling to a side, you should replace all brake shoes connected to the concerned axle. This will help maintain the overall performance of your Clark forklift fleet.

Replacement of Brake Shoes

Remove the wheel, split pin and grease cap, and remove the drum by opening the spindle nut.

Now remove the damaged brake shoes, but remember not to throw away the springs.

Prior to installing new brake shoes, check the backing plate for grease, and use molybdenum grease as per requirement.

Place the springs between the brake shoes and fix them to the backing plate. The shorter spring should be placed at the top and the longer one at the bottom. To be clear, remember that brakes on the left side should be a mirror image to that on the right.

Fix the drum on the shoes and rebuild. The assembly order should be:

  • Grease seal
  • Inner bearing
  • Inner cup
  • Drum
  • Outer cup
  • Outer bearing
  • Spindle washer
  • Spindle nut
  • Split pin
  • Grease cap

Solid Lift Parts has a whole inventory of Clark lift truck parts to equip you with all your forklift parts needs. If you place your order with us before 2 p.m. we ship your parts on the same day and you will receive it at your doorstep at the earliest.


Additional Notes (16/10/2015)


The braking system of Clark forklift trucks is very crucial to ensure safety as it is a safeguard to protect the lives of the operating person and also the passers-by. In the brake drum system of Clark forklift trucks, Clark Forklift Brake Shoes play the most vital role. In most of the modern forklifts, the drum braking systems are availed instead of a disk braking system.


The disk brakes cause the forklift to stop in no time. But sharp brakes may lead to serious accidents and major damages of the forklift. So skills and experiences are necessary to operate it. On the other hand, the drum brakes are dependable as they function steadily. So, the drum braking system is much safer than the disk braking system. In some cases, both of them are used together to make it faster and also to maintain safety.


In the brake drum system, Clark forklift brake shoes are the most essential component. The drum brake system is formed of a cylinder with two braking pads which are oblique and big, termed as brake shoes. When the forklift operator forces the brake paddle down, the brake shoes are pushed outside by the piston to strike the drum wall. Eventually, a resultant friction force is created between the drum and the brake shoes, which causes deceleration and gradually the forklift comes to a halt.


Clark forklift brake shoes are manufactured in such a way so that they can prevent erosion. But even after that, if it is worn out totally, it must be replaced to avoid any unwanted circumstances without any delay. The replacement should be done by professional mechanics, but with training the operator can also do this.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. always tries to give you the best experience of original forklift parts. We know how valuable the time of our customers is. So, we always want to save your precious time and try our best to give you the best buying experience. We are proud of our excellent quality & reasonable price.  Our efficiency to provide our customers with different parts keeps us ahead of our competitors. We want to be connected with our customers for long. So, here we welcome you to choose Clark Forklift Brake Shoes of different models at a reasonable cost. Contact your parts specialist to choose for you & order us! We will ship your orders in shortest possible time.


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