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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT STEERING AXLE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Steering Axle

The forklift steering axle is defined as a central shaft which turns the wheel or gear. So, the operator can turn the wheel in the direction he wants. Bushing or bearing is fixed at the mounting points to support the axle.


Clark forklift steering axle use -a) Rack steering design and b) pinion steering design. Thus, we can control pinion gear by rotation of the steering wheel. The above designs allow a large force feedback through a direct steering feel. Needle bearings are used in the steering axle which roll inside the steering knuckle. It increases tolerance and reduces friction. So, durability is automatically increased. If we want to obtain desirable steering feedback and eliminate some steering faults then we should use bearings that can reduce friction.


Steering axles are essential for forklift trucks as it holds wheels to its desired position and allow the wheels to turn and revolve. Generally the center of the wheels is fixed with bushings or bearings.


The primary function of the axle is to deliver a certain amount of torque to the wheels so that we can drive it. The function of the suspended system is to determine the angle and position of the wheel hubs. Axle housing tubes may not be connected to the system rather it is connected to a trans axle or motor vehicle body or frame.


Recent forklift trucks use a collapsible steering column to absorb frontal impact and power. The modern forklift steering axle is lighter in weight, they are better rib designed and also focus on improved alignment and high durability. There is also hydraulic power steering, which requires hydraulic pressure from an engine driven pump. But electric power steering is more efficient since it only require to provide assistance. Besides environmental hazards are also possible due to leakage like hydraulic one.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. is our automotive accessory farm available for all sorts of forklift parts. We have a group of skilled engineers here ready to deliver their best at any time. Our service includes providing different brands of almost all parts of forklift trucks and engines. Our forklift parts are long lasting and have the ability to work in a different atmosphere and temperature. The parts are less corrosive and are not affected by external agents as its prepared from different noncorrosive materials specially alloyed metals. We can provide our forklift parts up to your location. So, you can have your order in online before our stocks are finished. We are committed to provide you the best Clark Forklift Steering Axles within your affordable cost.


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