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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT BRAKE SHOES parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes are the pivotal part of a brake drum system applied in many forklift trucks. In the field of material handling, forklifts are the key force that can drive your business to its optimum. This driving force, being an automotive itself, needs to be driven well and long without being damaged. Braking system of any vehicle is as important as the engine itself, hence meriting due attention. Therefore, all forklifts are served with reliable braking system to prevent any accidents. Most forklifts uses drum braking systems instead of disk brake system.


Disk brake and drum brake systems have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. The disk brakes essentially put the moving machine to an almost immediate halt. The drum brakes system, in comparison, works progressively in a steady and sure way. Application of disk brakes may require more considerable expertise and experience, as a sudden halt of a moving forklift can cause some serious accidents from losing control of it. Drum brake system is more progressive and comparatively risk free, hence is the more popular of the two options. Some recent models of forklift trucks utilize both disk and drum brake systems, with disk brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear wheels. This arrangement provides assured safety to the forklift and to the load it is carrying and the operator.


Brake shoes form the most important part of brake drum system. Brake drum system is designed to look like a drum as the name implies. Drum brake system utilizes a wide cylinder with an open back, along with two large and curved braking pads inside the drum called brake shoes. When the forklift operator presses down the brake paddle the curved brake shoes are forced outwards by the piston or the wheel cylinders to collide with the spinning walls inside the drum. This causes friction between brake shoes and the drum, causing the retardation to the motion of the forklift eventually putting it to a halt.


Besides being a progressive braking mechanism, the Brake shoes in the drum brake system are also used to act as an emergency brake. The adjustor mechanism present with drum brake systems helps the brake shoes to act as emergency brakes. When emergency brake mechanism is brought to action, brake shoes spread out even more forcefully and retard the spinning drum almost immediately. This is known as a wedging action. The adjustor mechanism, supported with few springs, actuate to perform this wedging action. The springs keep the brake shoes attached to the moving drum until the brake pedal is released.


The brake shoes are kept in close proximity of the drum and a near marginal distance is maintained between the brake shoes and the drum to prevent unwanted contacts. In case the brake shoes are at a larger distance from the drum, the piston will need more fluid to push the brake shoes near the drum. This is observed when the brake pedal is pushed close the wall of floor. The adjustor mechanism comes into play at this stage. It assesses the required distance between brake shoes and drum and tends to keep it constant. The efficient operation of braking system depends on the shoe to drum distance, in drum braking system.


 The brake shoes are equipped with brake lining which is either glued or riveted to the brake shoe. The brake lining is made of asbestos or other materials and upon coming in contact with a brake drum causes immense friction, resulting in retardation and the forklift truck seizes to motion. However, since they are very frequently used, they are subjected to wear in early time frame as compared to other parts of braking system.


If the brake shoe is worn out completely, its metal backing will grind against the drum, which causes high pitched noises. Generally, brake drum is served with precisely placed holes that allow the inspection of brake shoes for the thickness of brake lining on them. The forklift operator can regularly check the thickness of brake lining through these holes without a need to disassemble any part.


Once determined that the brake shoe is completely worn out, it should be replaced immediately to prevent damages to other brake components. The forklift should be taken to the repair shop to be inspected and fixed accordingly by a professional mechanic. However a little training and understanding can help the forklift operator to replace the brake shoes all by him/ herself:


  1. An asbestos protective gear should be worn, prior to beginning with the work because some older model forklifts use asbestos in its brake padded lining. Note that among other negative and life-threatening effects, asbestos can cause asbestosis which leads to clogging the lung and eventually death. If you do not have asbestos protective gear, such as a respirator, then DO NOT proceed with the work.
  2. Install jack stands below the frame of the forklift and jack up the vehicle. Then, install other supports such as blocks of wood or bricks under the frames because jack stands may disengage or tip.
  3. The hub of the wheel can be sprayed with a PB Blaster or other penetrating oils.
  4. Take the brake drum off by hand.
  5. Ensure to take a picture of the brake drum assembly and remember its make-up.
  6. A brake cleaner can be sprayed onto all of the brake components.
  7. Disassemble the brake by removing the shoe return springs, detaching the parking brake lever, removing the retainer springs, the shoes, and self-adjusters.
  8. Replace the brake shoes with new ones.
  9. Reassemble the brake and ensure that the final product is identical to the picture you took prior to disassembling it. Reinstall onto the forklift and put on the tire.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. provide brake shoes for all makes and models of forklifts. Contact our parts specialist today to provide you with a brand-new, remanufactured, or used brake shoes that is compatible with your specific forklift, at inexpensive prices. Get your parts shipped to you today!



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