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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT FORK EXTENSIONS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Fork Extensions

Forklift Fork Extensions can serve as additional structures or reinforcements when lifting bigger or longer pallets and loads from one place to another, safely. Extensions come in different lengths, from 4 inches in width and 54 inches in length to longer. The specifications of these accessories offer different additional weight capacities, which should coincide with the maximum allowed capacity of the lift truck. The materials can also vary from steel to lightweight metals, although the price slightly changes with the specification of the extension.


Forklift fork extensions come in many types. Hydraulic extendable forklifts are the most widely used extensions. They are used in different configurations and are used for double-deep stacking or one sided loading of trains and trucks. They are also used dual load transport and extensions while using a variety of different pallets sizes. In these types, each spike is served with its own cylinder, which enables them to be extended and retracted as quickly as pantographs frequently in use in Asia and United states. Sliding forklift attachments are installed with an integrated synchronization system that lets the forks to be retracted and extended in complete harmony. Different models come with different forks tailored to the needs and specifications. Single range hydraulic extendable forks operate with a speed double than that of cylinder telescopic fork. They have smaller blade sections for easier operations with extensions available in various sizes and types. Integrated camera system provides assistance in overhead pallet stacking, and comes as an optional feature.


High quality forklift extensions allow safe and stable handling of loads larger than what the original forklift trucks can carry. Forklift and fork tine extensions are manufactured with thick steel with thickness ranging from 8mm and above, along with additional steel strengthening measures. Fork sleeves come with removable heel pins or alternately are fitted with integral retaining bar for the purpose of safety locking. Fork Extension tips come chiseled and shaped to assist the forklift operator to allow easy loading of pallets with safety and security.


Quality tipping skips and tipping bins are useful extensions with forklift forks used for expeditious removal of waste and debris. They come in different sizes, shapes and qualities, made from stainless and mild steels for both the regular and heavy-duty usage. Heavy-duty bins are manufactured from high graded steel. Tipping bins are designed to suit the customers’ requirements and come in different varieties ranging from the tipping bins with lids, tipping bins with automatic release facility or the bins with raised sides. Swarf bins are also available in the market to be attached with forklift trucks and used for debris and waste removal. Various varieties of Swarf bins include standard range, auto release, mesh side extensions, galvanized iron, semi and full stainless steel, bins with lids, bins meant for heavy-duty construction sites and Swarf skips.


Safety during handling loads at elevations is of primitive importance. Forklift safety cages and riding baskets provide the operator with reliable elevated platform, assuring safe and secure operation at any height. These forklift fork attachments are ideal for routine maintenance works. These baskets and cages provide an alternate to expensive scaffoldings and are a secure option than ladders. Manufacturers give due importance for all the internationally recognized safety parameters while constructing these extensions. These cages and baskets come in standard models, deluxe design, raised height cages, and transfer platforms.


Forklift jibs, lifting beams and crane arm attachments for lifting of transportable weights of all types and materials. These health and safety instructions compliant extensions are designed not to exceed the intrinsic forklift truck capacity.  Low liner forklift jib, fork mounted forklift jib, max lift jibs, tee-liner jibs, extended forklift jib, short reach jib, telescopic hydraulic jib, articulating extender jib, cross beam forklift jibs and many other models of forklift mounted jibs are available at the outlets for convenience of choice. Other choice is the carriage mounted forklift jibs in which there is an extensive range of lifting equipment, including forklift jibs and crane arms. The models includes easy reach jib, carriage mounted extender, carriage mounted telescopic jib, high lift forklift jib, carry-max forklift jib for maximum carriage capacity and high lift telescopic forklift jib.


Drum handlers are another innovative type of forklift extensions, ideally suited to handle drums of various dimensions makes and types. Vertical handling of the drum is a provision offered by such attachments to lift drums with a forklift yoke or slung beneath an overhead crane. Drum lifting tongs with semi and fully automatic drum lifter, drum lift tongs with horizontal drum lifter and drum clamp bands are offered as per the requirement.


Forklift snowplough attachments come in various sizes and shapes. Ranging from fixed blade snowplough to adjustable length and spring loaded blades, these forklift fork extensions serve every purpose when snow removal and sire clearing are the jobs at hand. They are usually made with heavy duty rolled steel duly pressed for additional strength and long life. Other products include lifting hooks, wheelie bin handlers, spreaders and lifting beams, sweeping equipment, wide load stabilizers, and many more options.


OSHA-Certified for Better Productivity


Forklift fork extensions are additional accessories that directly affect the capacity, stability and most especially the safety of a lift truck’s operation. One must ensure that the extension being purchased is in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Standard (OSHS). OSHS is the government agency that guarantees that the accessories’ design passes the minimum criteria set for a particular lift truck. Only those extensions with designs that are approved are good for adding onto lift trucks. One should always check the manual of the lift truck so as not to exceed its allowable weight capacity.


Today, fork extensions come foldable to save the operator some space when the lift is not in use. These types of extensions guarantee the same functions and reliability as the one length, straight extensions. It is also good to choose the extension that features width, length, materials, and weight capacities that not only complements the factory forks of the forklift, but also the varieties of tasks that they perform.



Forklift Fork Extensions Photos

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