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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT IGNITION KEY parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Ignition Key

Forklift Ignition Key / Switch is part of the starter system that, at the turn of the switch, connects the forklift battery to the electrical devices and ignition system. It activates the starter solenoid and the ignition system components. Additionally, the ignition switch switches on the power for other electrical devices such as the power windows, radio, lights, etc. The ignition key inserts into the ignition switch, which typically have built-in locking mechanism.


Fixing Ignition Key Problems


The forklift ignition key may have problems turning for various reasons.


  • The lock cylinder may be stuck due to the accumulated dirt and grime over time. It can be flushed away with the use of an electrical contact cleaner and a spray of silicone or liquid graphite for its lubrication.
  • A tumbler in the lock cylinder may be in locked positions, where the springs are unable to readjust it. Therefore, some taps to the lock cylinder with some solid objects such as a tack hammer would release the springs.
  • The ignition keys may be bent out of shape, hence not fitting into the lock cylinder. If so, then place the key on a flat and solid surface. Then, hammer the key back into its original, straight shape.
  • The column locking mechanism in the steering may be engaged. Simply, turn the steering left to right, back and forth, while turning the key ignition.

Note: The ignition key issue should first be consulted with a professional mechanic.


Fixing Ignition Switch


Ignition switch, when not functioning, can cause various problems with the forklift. The lift may stall, lights dim or not work, radio may not work, and the fork and mast may not be operable. Then, the forklift should be taken to the repair shop. The following steps describe how a mechanic would address this problem:


  • Prior to locating the switch, the mechanic would disconnect the battery, the air bag on the steering column, and the horn.
  • Afterwards, the steering column would be removed from the dashboard.
  • The ignition switch assembly is then disconnected from the wires. Then, the main column of the switch assembly is slid out of its outer shell/frame.
  • The main column of the ignition is then oiled at its end and a new ignition switch can be installed, if required.


A forklift cannot operate properly without an ignition key and switch that are in good working order. If any of the parts are damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Solid Lift Parts Inc. provides the parts that make up the ignitions switch for all forklift and aerial lift makes and models.



Forklift Ignition Key Photos

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