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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT LIGHT SAFETY parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Light Safety

Forklifts require Forklift Lights such as headlights, safety lights, backup lights and strobe or amber lightsto keep the work environment safe.These lights allow others nearby to spot one’s forklift in advance or identify its proximity. If the lights are always operational, accidents can be prevented, promoting safety at work.


Forklift Lights as Safety Additions for Your Forklifts


Forklifts should be operated with safety in mind. To ensure safety, safety accessories are added to them. Forklifts are equipped with forklift lights in many forms, from strobe lights to forklift headlights. Strobe lights are normally fitted in the back of forklift trucks, and these lights light up as the operator backs up. Forklift strobe lights allows the workers within the proximity to be warned that the forklift is in motion. The most commonly used light is the headlights, fitted at the front end of the forklift. This serves as a guide for the operator when navigating the truck during low visibility times. When strobe lights and headlights are in position, safety can be ensured and accidents can be avoided.


The forklift lights comprise of a variety of lights. They include universal seal beams, tail light, rear lamps, front lamps, flasher lights as indicators, combination rear lights, head lamps, halogen flood pedestal lights, amber strobe lights, service lights, rubber lights, universal strobe permanent mount light and many such varieties. Each light serves a different purpose and come in various power ratings to suit the working environment of forklift trucks and aerial lifts.


Material handling industries comprise of warehouses which are usually stacked and stuffed with different materials. Warehouses usually have confined spaces and a lot of material to stack vertically. In such constricted space, forklift trucks have to perform their operation of loading carrying and unloading materials in multiple shifts day and night. Hence, it is mandatory for a forklift truck or aerial lift to be well equipped with all lighting accessories, in fully functional condition.


The size of the forklift truck and its working environment dictates the power wattage of a light installed. Usually warehouses and storage areas are not very well equipped with lighting arrangements. Hence, the forklift trucks moving in them need adequate lighting arrangement. Headlights top and mounted universal strobe lights clearly indicate a forklift truck from a distance, while the tail light allows it to be visible from the back side. Different models of lights have different specifications to suit customer needs.


Since there are comparatively less forklift trucks and aerial lifts than automobiles that require complete visibility for everyone on the road, they are adequately equipped with only approach warning lights. These lights are a forewarning of an approaching forklift truck, since making a forklift truck more conspicuous and distantly visible adds to the security and safety of fellow workers sharing the work space.


Distant visibility of the truck can prevent catastrophic damage or injury to men and material. Usually bright in color, this LED served blue light alerts the pedestrians of an approaching forklift truck and other industrial automobiles. The light precedes the truck and is clearly visible from a distance as it is mounted at front, back or at both ends of the truck. The light glides the floor for a distance of around 15 feet in front or rear of the truck, clearly indicating to others of its approach. The light truly helps pedestrian workers around blind corners and while crossing the traffic lanes of forklift trucks.  It turns on and off with the forklift truck engine automatically and the operator does not have to worry about it. The light moves along with the forklift truck, hence the workers can conveniently make out if the truck is halting or on to go.


Another important lighting gadgetry are strobe lights. These lights are LED and are usually made of a polycarbonate lens. Strobe lights are another one of the warning and safety features attributed to forklift trucks. They come in variety of sizes and styles to suit the customers’ needs and are durable in nature. To suit the user requirements, they are available in low profile as well as high profile lights.


The durability factor is important since forklift trucks are meant to perform strenuous jobs with long work hours. The durability of these lights is ensured by their make, which involves use of an aluminum coated base and encapsulated epoxy with a rubber gasket. These lights have been designed to facilitate their attachments with various types of mountings.  They are available on permanent fittings, pipe fittings and magnetic fittings. Number and size of LEDs vary in commensuration with user and working atmosphere requirements. The number of LEDs in forklift strobe lights may vary from 5 or 6 up to 24 LEDs in various conspicuous colors like clear, amber, red or bright blue lights.


Integral parts like forklift lights are not built to last forever. The lamps are normally governed by a service life that may last a couple of years or more, depending on the manufacturer and its amount of use. When they burn out, they can simply be replaced with new ones. The bulbs vary in technology, design size and style. For example, the most frequently used head lights are light emitting diode (LED) and halogen lamps. Though whiter in color, LED lights tends to be more economical of the two. One should ensure that the light purchased fits the specifications of the forklift model it is intended for. 



Forklift Lights and Safety Parts Photos

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