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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT PCV VALVE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift PCV Valve

Forklift PCV Valve

Each element of your forklift engine fulfills a vital function, and none is secondary. If you want your forklift to always perform at its best, you should always have an eye on any possible worn or damaged parts; fixing or changing them on time could make a huge difference. Like most people, you may already be familiar with significant engine elements like the pistons, intake or outtake valves, or gaskets. Still, another one you should always consider is the PCV valve. This simple but highly efficient device helps your forklift reach its maximum combustion capacity and take care of its health. Whether you've never heard of forklift PCV valves before or looking for a new one as a replacement, Solid Lift Parts is the right place for you. We offer a wide range of forklift spare parts to ensure your forklift runs smoothly.

Looking for New Forklift PCV Valves? Solid Lift Parts It’s the right place to get them

What is a PCV Valve, and Why Does Your Forklift Have One

PCV is an acronym that refers to a "positive crankcase ventilation" system, and the positive crankcase ventilation valve is a simple yet crucial element that helps improve the overall engine performance. As you probably guessed by now, PCV valves are implemented on forklifts and in any vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. This is mostly because PCV valves are an essential control device that helps control the emission of toxic combustion gases. 

Before the emission control systems, exhaust systems commonly released crankcase'' gases from the vehicle to the atmosphere, which in accordance to a study made by the California Institute of Technology at Pasadena in the 50s, were the main source of the smog crisis that California state had faced that decade. 

Therefore, the PCV valve was designed to force the crankcase gases to re-circulate into the air intake so they could be combined with a new mix of air and fuel mixture. This way, All toxic gases can now be completely burned, reducing air pollution and odors. By 1967 these control emission devices were mandated by law; that's why your forklift engine must have installed a good and reliable positive crankcase ventilation valve.

What Does a PCV Valve Do to Improve Your Forklift Performance?

The operation of a positive crankcase ventilation valve is quite simple. After the combustion stroke happens in your forklift's engine, some gases or unburned fuel pass the piston' ring and cylinder into the crankcase. These vapors are usually known as "blow-by gases." While they remain in this vapor state is the perfect time to remove them before they get mixed with the crankcase oil and create sludge. 

PCV valves take advantage of the high pressure these vapors generate on the crankcase to open. Once your forklift positive crankcase ventilation valvePCV valve is connected to the intake manifold and you start the engine, it will open thanks to a vacuum effect created due to the high-pressure difference between blow-by gases and intake airflow. This vacuum effect will pull out the blow-by gases to mix them with fresh air/fuel mixture. It is important to point out that when blow-by gases leave the crankcase, the residual pressure does not get affected thanks to a direct airflow channel that lets fresh air get in it.

When this process is not carried out correctly, it can compromise the health of your forklift's engine. The condensation of the blow-by gases can generate the formation of sludge when mixed with the engine oil, which will considerably accelerate the deterioration of its gaskets and seals, which eventually will reduce the engine's performance.

Is it Time for a New Forklift PCV Valve?

Several faults can be triggered when forklift PCV valves don't open and close properly. The most common failures associated with a positive crankcase ventilation valve are:

  • You notice a rough idle on your forklift.
  • Your forklift is misfiring while idling.
  • The forklift's "check engine light" goes on.
  • The engine oil filter of your forklift clogs faster than it should.
  • The gaskets and seals brake too often.
Choose the right positive crankcase ventilation valve for you forklift

You must be very careful if you notice any of these symptoms since many are usually associated with the failure of other engine elements, such as poor spark ignition. The good news is that it's easy to rule out a broken forklift PCV.

Test Your Forklift PCV Valve Before Anything

Testing your forklift PCV valve won't be hard at all. These devices are extremely simple. Inside them is a small spring that contracts when the positive crankcase ventilation valve opens and returns to its original position when it closes. This spring is not very rigid, so an easy way to tell if the valve is in good shape is by simply shaking it.

If you hear a small tap-tap noise, it indicates that your PCV valve is in a good state (that is, it is opening and closing while you shake it). If this doesn't happen, then most likely, something is bad with the positive crankcase ventilation valve. You can try to clean it using some solvent and test it again. If you still don't hear anything after that, it is time to look for new PCV valves.

Get Your New Forklift PCV Valve Fast With Solid Lift Parts

PCV valves are an essential component of your forklift engine and must regularly be replaced to ensure proper operation. Solid Lift Parts knows how tricky it can be to find the right valve, so let us do the hard work! Thanks to our advanced database, we can quickly source the right PCV valve for you. Fast shipping ensures you don't have to wait too long, as we have multiple warehouses throughout the United States. So, Don't worry about finding the right positive crankcase ventilation valve – Solid Lift Parts has got you covered!

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