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We distribute an extensive selection of FORKLIFT SEATS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Forklift Seats

Forklift Seats are available in different types as either replacements or upgraded seats. Extra soft forklift seats provides comfort to the forklift operators, while the tilt-up seating enables the seat to be tilted to drain rain water for those forklifts that are used outdoors. Some seats have protective features around the legs and the shoulders, in case the forklift rolls over. Other seats have high back, neck and head protection.


Standard stock forklift seats tends to be extremely uncomfortable to the forklift operators because they are generally made out of hard foam material. These hard foam materials are highly durable, but the hard surface can be excruciating to the operator, working long hours. Therefore, they are often replaced with soft seating, which can protect the operators’ hips and spine, preventing potential injuries.


Other forklift seats are available with armrests, which enhances the comfort of the operator. It betters the posture of the operator and provides support for them when they are filling paperwork. Some seats are heated, which betters the operators’ morale during work in cold conditions. Lastly, some seats can pivot, allowing the operator to get in and out of the forklift with ease, while enabling them to easily reach the controls without twisting his/her torso.


Employee safety is extremely crucial. Some common health risks operating a forklift involves sprains and strains. Common hazards that results in sprains and strains, includes the operator extraneously looking in various directions (up and back) when working with the fork or driving. Other hazards include bumps and/or uneven surfaces in the driving conditions and operating with badly positions or maintained controls.


Reducing those hazards and preventing injuries is the responsibility of the employer and the employees. If the controls are badly positioned, swivel seats would be extremely helpful. When the driving conditions include bumps and/or uneven surfaces, having soft cushioned seats can prevent hip and back injuries. If the operator is having back problems, a seating with better support around the neck and the back with arm rests can be very valuable on a long term, improving one’s posture.


Solid Lift Parts Inc. have a wide variety of aftermarket, brand-new forklift seats, suitable for most makes and models of forklifts. Having a type of seating that provides safety and comfort is extremely important for the forklift operator because he/she may spend majority of his/her work day, sitting on it. Contact your parts specialist today and get your forklift seat that suits your needs for inexpensive prices at very fast delivery time!



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